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Brice G. is a Mathematician, Business Intelligence Analyst, owner of, founder and CEO of Gateka Corporation

Technical Analysis

​Key components of a stock technical analysis

Technical analysis of stocks is a methodology used to forecast the future direction of prices and volume (number of investors trading stocks over a given period) based on an observation of past price movements on the stock market. Technical analysts use this method to help traders foresee potential entry and exit levels for trades.

​​A stock market technical analysis involves the study of chat patterns, candlesticks and other statistical indicators such as moving averages.

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What is coinbase?

Coinbase,, is the most trusted digital currency exchange platform in the world.

​Launched in 2012, it now holds the title of “largest exchange of cryptocurrency in the world” serving over 12 million customers across 32 countries. Coinbase is easy to use, and you can access it via their website ( or download it on your Smartphone (iOS and Android).

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What Is A Loan

What is a loan?

A loan is an agreement for a lender such as a bank, financial institution or a friend to temporary give money or other properties to a borrower in exchange for future repayment of the borrowed amount plus interest.

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What Is Delta,

What is Delta?

Delta,, is a US airlines company, and it is currently one of the largest global airlines company in the world. Founded in 1924, Delta started as a crop dusting operator called "Huff Daland Dusters." Delta is now serving more than 180 million customers each year from all six continents, 57 countries.

​From the most luxurious to the basic cabin, Delta offers its passengers various onboard experiences: Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class, Delta Comfort+, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy.

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Credit Score

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a number that determines a person's ability to pay back his or her debts.

​If you are planning to borrow money, it is essential to know what a credit score is. It represents your financial trustworthiness and let potential lenders evaluate what type of risk they will be taking by lending you money. A credit score ranges between 300-850 and, the lower the score, the higher the risk.

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What is 

Created in 2005, Payoneer ( is an American payout company that enables business owners and professionals to send and receive payments from wherever they are in the world.

​Briefly, Payoneer allows you to receive payments from your international customers or employers. For freelance writers, bloggers or online marketers, Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal as it gives you access to more than 200 countries and 150+ currencies.

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What is

PayPal,, is an online payment company that allows you to use to make electronic financial transfers without disclosing your bank account details to anyone.

​PayPal is one of the most extensive online payment software in the world. It acts as an intermediary between you, the person you are sending or receiving money from and the bank. Your account also serves as a wallet storing your cash, credit or debit cards numbers and other bank account details safely.

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What is is an American technology company that was founded in 1996 by two Stanford students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were researching how to easily find files on the Internet.

​Google, with the domain name, is mostly known as the best search engine in the world.

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What is

Launched in 2014, is an online trading platform based in the USA. It offers its customers a commission-free and a no minimums trading platform along with an easy-to-use mobile application.

​ enables US residents, 18+ years old, to buy and sell stocks, ETFs (Exchange-traded funds), options and cryptocurrencies on their phone or desktop via their website without paying a commission.

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Personal Finance Software

What Is A Personal Finance Software?

A personal finance software is an automated system which helps business owners or individuals to manage money, track their spending, organize monetary transactions and examine the returns on their potential investments.

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Forex Trading Software

What is a Forex trading software?

A Forex Trading software is a computer program which enables traders to analyze the currency exchange market, provide charting prices, execute orders and monitor their accounts based on pre-set instructions.

​Forex trading software refers to all automated trading systems or applications also called Expert Advisors. Expert Advisors are add-on software for Metatrader4 platform, programmed to execute orders on your behalf following pre-designed rules automatically.

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Time Management

What is time management

Time management is the ability of someone to plan and exercise control of time spent on a particular activity to increase its efficiency or productivity.

Time management depends on how you value ‘'Time'' and how you manage your activities to make the best use of it. For entrepreneurs, the motto is ‘'TIME IS MONEY''. Therefore how you manage your time always reflects the success of your business.

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Personal Finances

What is personal finance about? 

Personal finance is the management of monetary resources and the development of a personal financial plan including budgeting, savings, investments in stocks and bonds, insurance, and tax planning among other things.

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What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

​ What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is by definition, the process of attracting and increasing traffic to your website through the organic or natural search engine results.

​Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are the major search engines and they are the most used search engines by internet users. These search engines are responsible for increasing your website's visibility to visitors. Search engines are in charge of providing their users with a list of sites ranked for relevancy and usefulness to deliver answers to their questions. These questions are often referred to as queries.

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Successful Entrepreneurs

five common traits of successful entrepreneurs

Success is defined as ‘'the achievement of something you have been trying to do.'' Success is also described as the ability to go from one failure to another without losing your enthusiasm and your vision.

​Contrary to the general opinion, success does not come from being smart, having multiple degrees or from whom you know. It comes from having a clear vision, being insightful of new opportunities and putting in constant effort to achieve your dreams.

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