Capitalist Exploits

Founded by the renowned investor Chris MacIntosh, Capitalists Exploits is built on a popular and unique investment newsletter which delivers asymmetric trading strategies and other market news allowing you to diversify your investment and trading approach to obtain higher returns.

Asymmetrical investing means there is an imbalance between the risk and the reward. An asymmetric trade is one where the probability of a positive result is more significant than a negative outcome.For example, an asymmetric return is one where you have a 30% chance of winning and a 10% chance of losing.


Capitalist Exploits runs a members-only platform where subscribers receive the latest trade investment advice. It has a team of investment professionals including some of the biggest names in the investment industry such as hedge fund managers, investment bankers, academics, individual investors, ready to help you find trading opportunities where the odds for a potential profit are higher than possible losses. Capitalist’s professionals will share with you their most successful investment strategies, and the lessons learned from their past failures.

Moreover, Capital Exploits offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs where you earn 50% per sale in commissions and 365-day cookies.

How Does Capitalists Exploits Work?

Capital Exploits offers investing and trading advice to traders and money managers to help them make high returns on their investments. Their ultimate goal is to provide subscribers with regular analysis of asymmetric opportunities and help them find unique and profitable investing opportunities all over the world. However, Capitalist is not a trading software; hence, you won't place trades on the platform, and they won’t trade for you either. Their subscription-based service only offers local and international calls; then you need to use your online brokerage to trade the calls.

Capitalist advises you on how to make high returns on your investments with extremely low risks. The company’s asymmetric trading strategy will help you find unheard of opportunities with higher profitability rate versus low risk. When you opt for asymmetric trading opportunities, it means that even though your trades go wrong, you would still make returns.

The platform is run by real trading professionals from all over the world and from different cultural backgrounds. They are always sharing ideas and thoughts on how to succeed in this challenging economic and political environment.Through the Newsletter, these professionals will help you find alternative offshore investments that average brokers or traders wouldn’t know about. They are always on the lookout for trades with highly rewarding returns against low risk.

However, Capitalist business model is not made for get-rich-quick investors; it is for determined investors ready to take time and study.

However, Capitalist business model is not made for get-rich-quick investors; it is for determined investors ready to take time and study. Capitalists Exploits offers three primary services: a free newsletter, Insider, and Resource Insider.

1. Free Newsletter

​avid investors and industry leaders widely read Capitalist's Newsletter. The service offers well thought and simple articles on how to navigate the market, and it is recommended to serious investors I need to learn and gain value for his money at the same time.

 Throughout the Newsletter, you will also find well-researched and entertaining articles full of great professional insight, with the real view of the world, on how to execute the trade and wisely manage risks. If you desire to learn how to earn the best return, all you have to do is join their 20.000 followers, and all you have to do is subscribe with your email address.

2. Capitalist Exploits Insider 

Insider is Capitalist' trading service. It has more than 400 members, and among them are high profile money managers, individual investors, and analysts. Insider offers many opportunities including

  • Primary Newsletter: This paying program still includes free access to the Newsletter.
  • Investor Forum: The platform offers a chat room that connects all members to exchange ideas.
  • Live Q&A and Access to the Founder: When you subscribe to Insider, you get the privilege to ask questions to Capitalist’s founder, Chris, and the rest of his incredibly talented team.
  • More than 300 Insight videos: These videos answer various questions on investing.
  • Trade alerts: Capitalist’s team of professional investors will share trades in which they believe will generate high returns and advise you on how to execute them via email.
  • Educational resources: Capitalists offers its customers how to guides on subjects ranging from trading stocks and options to trading bitcoin.

3. Capitalist Exploits Resource Insider

Resource Insider is their other recommendation service, but this one is more private, and it targets high net worth investors. Adding to Insider benefits, Resource Insider offers the following services:

  • Private placement trades: This service is number-limited, and they try to ensure that all members get a private placement offer.
  • Networking opportunities: Capitalists offers subscribers the chance to link with fellow investors.
  • Insider Ideas: Capitalist offers members of the Resource Insider exclusive content, bonus stock picks, and financial and technical research.


Apart from the Newsletter, Capitalists Exploits services are not free. Their leading subscription service "Insider" costs $1575 per year, and it must subscribers must pay the amount up front. You can profit from the Resource Insider services at a $3499 fee per year. Capitalist Exploits offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their offerings.

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