What is an email list?

An email list or an electronic mailing list is usually a compilation of Email addresses that are used to send information to multiple users. Businesses use an email list as a method to share new content, information, products with subscribers via the Internet.

​Traditionally, a mailing list included physical mail addresses, but these days, most businesses collect mainly e-mail addresses.


An email list in online business is a list of customer's email addresses gathered by the business owner throughout the time.

​If you have ever subscribed on a website to receive daily or weekly newsletter or other notifications, that means that your email is on that website's email List.

Is having an email list useful? 

​Email lists allow businesses to reach out to people who have opted in to receive communications from them. This process is called email marketing.

​With time, mailing lists have become a more popular way for internet users to stay up-to-date with the topics of their interest. The statistics state that 91 percent of US adults still prefer and find more comfortable to use email to get newspapers from businesses than any other social media, which makes email 40 times more effective in helping an online business owner to gain more customers.

​Compared to other social media, a business owner doesn't have any control of what the Internet users are viewing even though he might be very active, but by using Email, he has the power to turn the viewers' attention back to his business.

Top Benefits of an email list

​email lists are a way to keep your business ever fresh in the minds of your customers, showing them that you always work hard to satisfy their needs and add an absolute value to their lives.

​It helps the owner to connect directly with the customers. Given that the customer himself opted in to join the mailing list, it gives the owner an insight of who wants to receive information about his products or services and therefore constitute a list of his most targeted customer.

​They constitute an authentic and consistent way to stay connected with customers who showed interest in your business and mission.

​Email lists are also an excellent tool for promoting the owner's brand and facilitate an eventual email marketing for project launch. The owner can get his loyal customer excited about upcoming launches and get them to share the information with their friends. That way the owner won't have to worry about the launching of new products crashing.

​With an email list, the business owner can gain more credibility and loyalty from his customers by setting up exclusive content and offers only to his mailing list subscribers and with loyal customers come to a stronger income.

​An email list is an excellent source of motivation for the business owner with the knowledge that there people supporting his business and they can be his platform to share uplifting messages, share links to your blogs and all that considering what your customers love. The last will allow the business owner to get more subscribers to his blog.

Best strategy to build an email list

​For an email list to be useful, it is up to the business owner; after all, he is the one that controls the content and how often he sends emails to his subscribers. It is entirely up to him to balance his posting schedule whether it is once or twice a week, but he needs to stay consistent.

​It is strictly crucial for a business owner to know that an eventual wrong email (uninspiring message or opinions on sensitive subjects) can constitute a huge setback to his business as many of his followers might opt to unsubscribe, consequently making him loose potential customers.

​He needs to make sure that he is using an appropriate language and images in the emails or the newsletters that he is sending to his subscribers, ensuring that it is reflecting his mission and at the same time promote his business.

​In summary, mailing lists are a great tool to give the business owner visibility from his subscribers and to keep them interested in his products/services.

Email List Service Provider

​Email lists can be budget friendly. A well-motivated business owner can find multiple listings and guidelines online. There are even free training sessions on how to set up and build an email list.

​For business owner wanting to create their email list, multiple online email list builders provide tools to build an email list.

​Among them, Get Response which is a website that will procure the business owner with beautiful and catchy opt-in forms that will captivate the visitors and convert them into potential customers.

Get Response is also known to provide the business owner's with good email designs and helps the owner to create excellent landing pages.

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