What is email marketing and advertising?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that uses electronic messages to communicate with customers. Trough Emails, business owners can target specific customers for particular products.

These emails have the purpose of building a strong relationship between the business owner and his current and potential customers and they contribute in building  customers loyalty, hence increase clients retention. 


Online Email Marketing campaigns have the purpose of acquiring new clients and building brand awareness. Email marketing and advertising is the use of Email lists to promote your products/services to your customers.  A regular communication is essential in doing online business, it creates stronger connection between you and your customers.
Emails lists can be acquired either from your current customers' database or from a purchase lead list.

​The first one is referred to as opt-in email marketing which means that the customer agree to receive your emails by signing up on your newsletter program for example. A purchased lead list, on the other hand, is constituted of unsolicited Emails and most likely fall in the spam category; as a result, they are a huge turn-off to potential customers.

email in marketing

There are several types of emails in marketing:

1. Newsletter emails:

​This type of emails are sales tools as their purpose is to promote new products, sales, products offer. Their sole intention is to communicate a promotional message. The goal is also to build a relationship with the customers. So, do not only focus on sales message but also input elements that benefit your readers in the way they feel valued.

2. Catalog emails:

Some business owners choose to communicate with images and short descriptions rather than using articles. The trick with this type of email marketing is the right images, colors that easily connect the customers with your business' visions and encourage them to buy your products.

3. Survey emails:

Thank emails are sent to ensure that the customer's expectations were met and to show appreciation. They add value to the customers and are often sent with coupons or a discount on the next purchase.

4. Thank you emails:

​Thank emails are sent to ensure that the customer's expectations were met and to show appreciation. They add value to the customers and are often sent with coupons or a discount on the next purchase.

Advantages of email marketing for a small business or an online business

​The usage of social media in online business is increasing, and an email list is still the most used tool in marketing. Studies show that ‘‘94% of all Internet users opt for the use of Email with only 61% that choose to use social media.'' And not to forget that most adult online users still prefer Email as a tool of communication.

Below are the two primary reasons why Email marketing is so popular:

1. Easy to set up, fast and cheap

​building an email list is the most inexpensive and fastest way to advertise your products/services. For example, after receiving a new shipment of products you want to sell, you can directly send an email to your built-in email lists and announce customers about the arrival of new products, and rapidly make sales.

2. Connect with customers

Trough Email Service Provider, Email marketing allows business owner with big lists to gather information about their customers' behavior. You are always connected to your customers. Email marketing allows you to remind the customers that your business is still around. Besides, the insights you get from their feedback are valuable for your next project.

how to build a robust email marketing strategy

Here are a few tips on how to build a valuable email list, thus optimize your marketing strategy:

  • ​Make your emails relevant and personalized to each customer. As mentioned above, it is essential to make the customer feel valued to build his trust and loyalty. This can be as simple as asking for his insight on different projects, sending thank you mail after each purchase and add in coupons or discounts.
  • ​Offer additional and useful information. These can be as simple as sharing tips about the usage of products, giving reviews about other businesses or just sharing a video (interview, tutorials) that you value essential to your customers.
  • ​Promote your newsletter signup by adding a Website Signup box along with a link to sign up at the bottom of your articles. Your website is a great way to promote your email newsletter, encourage your visitors to sign up for a membership simply by including signup box at the top or in a sidebar of your website.
  • ​Make it simple and easy. Visitors tend to lose interest when the process to signup is too complicated or too long. Use short sentences to describe the purpose of your newsletter, place signup link or boxes in an easy-to-find spot and design your signup forms to be quick and easy to complete.
  • Be creative in designing your website (landing pages, colors, images) to attract more visitors to your website.
  • Make sure to conform to spam laws such as CAN-SPAM or your internet service provider's acceptable use policy.

what is the best email marketing software - Small Business & Online Business

Below are complete reviews of the best email marketing software for small business and online business:

I. Get response - the best email marketing service provider

​​GetResponse.com is a popular Email marketing software that offers many features, and outstanding marketing strategy in online business.

​Get-Response provides a business owner with a rich email address database by importing contacts. The service provide an advanced HTML Email Editor that assist in creating a beautiful newsletter, smart automation via ‘'auto-responders'', an established schedule of your emails, and keep track of statistics related to your email marketing.

Why is Get-Response the best tool for email marketing?

There are several reasons why Get response (getresponse.com) is my preferred email list builder. The following are reasons why Get-Response is  my number one recommendation among many email marketing service providers:

1. With Get-Response , it is Easy to Get Started: 

​This app has been labeled the easiest and useful email marketing tool. That is easy to understand considering his powerful and unique features. With Get-response, you can easily get started in  building email lists, launching email marketing campaigns, building landing pages, forms and surveys, and prociding CRM services.

2. Get-Response has a Reasonable pricing: 

Get-Response has many premium email marketing programs, but luckily, it also offers his customers with a free 30 days trial with a free email list of 1000 subscribers. If you are satisfied with their service, then you can start with a paid subscription.

However, it is important to highlight that the price increase with the number of subscribers you get. Their least monthly pricing is 15$, and their pro plan price goes up to 49$ per month. These prices are considered reasonable compared to its competitors.

3. Opt-in email marketing with Get-Response: 

​getresponse.com offers its subscribers an opt-in email marketing tool; with this feature, you will be sure that the emails you sent to your customers land in their mailbox rather than spam folder.
The advantages of this feature are maintaining a good reputation, targeting customers that are interested in your business, low-cost email marketing, lastly and more critical, increase traffic and sales.

II. AWeber - The popular email marketing software

​AWeber is an online email marketing application. It allows its customers, mostly small online businesses, to keep contact with their subscribers through email lists.

​AWeber was created in 1998 by Tom Kulzer. This application is an easy-to-use email marketing automation tool, and it was designed to help small businesses build sustainable relationships with their clients.
AWeber is one of the most popular and leading Email marketing software; it has gone from 0 subscribers to more than a hundred thousands customers in 20 years.

​Basically, AWeber helps you to grow email lists, create opt-in forms (you can create your own or choose from hundreds of existing templates), and to manage your subscribers.

​It is straightforward and fast to get started with AWeber. The app displays a green sign-up click button that will direct you to a sign-up form. You will only need to input your name, address and your credit card information.
AWeber will provide you with a free trial period of 30 days after which you will start paying a fee.

​Their pricing depends on the number of subscribers on your email lists:
The cheapest, from 0 to 500 subscribers, is 19$/month while the most expensive can go up to 149$/month (10.001 to 25.000 subscribers).
For customers with more than 25.000 subscribers, they need to contact AWeber for an individual quotation.

Best Email Marketing Software

AWeber's Features

​Now that you have successfully set up your website, you need to attract visitors and try converting them into regular customers, thus boost your sales. AWeber has features that will help you to reach your clientele by creating and growing your email list.

1. Email Newsletters autoresponders

​Also referred to as Campaign features, autoresponders allow a business owner to send a message automatically on a scheduled moment. This feature will give him more time to focus on expanding his business and let AWeber take care of the marketing.

​For example, you can schedule AWeber to send an automatic welcome email to new subscribers, or, even better, send an email to any visitors who had spent more than 10 minutes on your page. This feature also corresponds to Emails segmentation. Email segmentation is a kind of personalized Email marketing. It always you to put tags and segment your customers depending on which emails your customers are opening, their clicks, their purchases and the information to their sign-up forms. It will allow you to categorize your clients and offer a more personalized service.

2. Templates and Drag and drop editors

​It is super easy to create your Email Newsletter along with sign-up forms with AWeber. They offer a full range of beautiful Templates, images, and animations that you can drop and drop and customize your message.
AWeber will then assist you in building your email lists step by step by importing your subscribers. If you are a fan of designing and prefer to create your templates from scratch, AWeber offers form designer tools.

3. Email split forms

​This feature is a kind of an A or B testing. It allows you to send two different Emails to two different groups on your email list and see which one performed better. For example, when you hesitate in choosing your website's header text, size, font and color, you can create two templates and send them to two different groups and see which one they like more.

4. Integration

​Integration features allow a business owner to connect his page and share links to social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and gain more visitors. Besides, you can always integrate your account with other apps such as WordPress, Paypal, Etsy, Google Checkout, Leadpages and more.

Benefits of AWeber

1. Easy to create and manage Email lists. AWeber enables you to manage and track your customers' behaviors. You can track to check if your emails are getting opened, your visitors' history (the product they were interested in or how long they spent on your site), monitor your subscribers' size.
AWeber will also help you to clean unsubscribers along with a message requesting why they no longer want to receive your emails. 
The answers will be feedback that you will need to reconsider in your future decisions.

AWeber The Best Marketing Software

2. Customizable Templates. AWeber has over 150 templates that you can use to create beautiful Emails. You can easily play with the colors and several fields, test them until you discover one that goes with your website vision and purpose and matches your clients' desires.
Also, AWeber offers well-crafted charts to read your analytics easily.

3. Excellent customer support. Aweber customer support is available 24/7 through Email, live chat, and telephone (only during work hours). Their customer service is very active, responsive and well informed.
They also offer free live webinars, free video tutorials to their new subscribers.

​As a marketing tool, Aweber will help you build trust and keep your clients informed about new products, about your vision and goals or your eventual sales on products. Briefly, AWeber software is undeniably an excellent customer relationship management tool. It makes the interaction between their subscribers and their clients easy, therefore enables them to increase conversion. Moreover, their app is secure (no spam) and all devices friendly.

Email marketing best practices

Email marketing is a vital tool for online business, especially when creating a robust buyer-seller relationship. I will summarize this article by giving out a few tips to fully profit from email marketing:

  • ​It is strictly imperative to build your lists this way you have better knowledge of your customers' needs and preferences, and you can communicate with them on a personal level.
  • ​Don't just focus on increasing sales; instead, strengthen your customers' loyalty. Give them valuable tips, insights and share your expertise for free.
  • ​Treat your lists with respect, be careful on the content that you share with and avoid sending spam emails. Spam emails drive people to unsubscribe from your newsletter and cause you to lose potential customers.
  • ​Finally, stick to a regular schedule to keep your customers alert and expecting for new products, promotions.

​Remember, people who signed up on your Email newsletter are already interested in your business; therefore, make sure that you are not wasting their time. Instead, prove to them why they should stay and recommend your business to other people.

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