Forex Trendy, The Real Solution for FX Traders

Ever since the era of technology has started exploding, we are coming across a wide range of trading programs in Forex, which promise their traders different options to make profits. Still, at a given point, their investments are not secured. Sometimes, they get stuck to scams or Ponzi scheme programs. Now that foreign exchange trading has become a more popular way for people to earn extra cash from their home, it is time to think about which platforms offer the best deals and what scams to avoid.

This blog review will talk about an open and trusted platform, Forex Trendy, which we will recommend to you for its particular features. Lately, Forex Trendy has brought revolution in the business of trading.


What is Forex Trendy, and what do they offer?

Forex Trendy is subscription-based software that, by using an algorithm, scans thirty-four (34) commonly traded currency pairs (including silver, oil, and gold as well) on different time frames comprised between one minute and one month. With its capability to ascertain the master trend, Forex Trendy can identify new chart patterns once they occur.

It helps traders to find currencies which are trending the strongest on the market.Being relatively a new forex trading interface, Forex Trendy can analyze and monitor new trends in the market.  It then provides the trader with the internal view on the market condition, allowing them, when it is the right time, to pull the trigger on a trade for the right forex pairs.

Product features: What is inside the Member Area?

  • ​No thick e-books to read or complex software to install
  • ​Access to Live charts of the best trending currency pairs and time frames
  • ​Audible alerts, email alerts
  • ​User-friendly interface​​​​
  • ​Traders can select or deselect pairs or time frames from the auto analysis plus more options.
  • ​Automated chart analysis: it enables traders to recognize "Triangles, Flags, Wedges, and Trend Lines" on 34 currency pairs and all time frames!

Product description/How it works

​For many, this smart and easy-to-use software is helping forex traders to increase their profitability with any system. It helps limitextreme depletionsand raises your possibilities of winning.

​"Forex Trendy" scans all available currency pairs on all timespans to discover the outstanding trend for you. This program is the key to avoiding trading when the market conditions are not favorable or are too volatile.

​It works based on the sophisticated technology of an algorithm to track the most challenging market trends.
Moreover, it is a software solution that refrains users from trading during ambivalent market periods. Instead, it picks the best trending pair at the right time.

In fact, it does almost everything for you; it works for you.
With its advanced program, this softwarepromptly examines 34 Forex pairs on all time frames from sixty seconds to thirty days. Mathematically: 34 x 9 = 306 charts that are scanned. Forex Trendy scans all the charts for you every second! By implication, you get the best trending pairs in a viable time frame at any time you want.

Forex Trendy software runs on powerful computers, so you instantly get the result online. The best of Forex Trendy is that it can be adapted to other trading platforms such as TradeStation,NinjaTrader, MetaTrader,and there is no need to download or install any application. It is a straightforward web-based application.

Many consider it a beginner-friendly platform for its ability to scan through every potential gateway pattern on every chart in any possible timeframe.
Forex Trendy is a much more automated and sophisticated application capable of recognizing basic chart patterns. It analyzes all the charts, on all time frames, and studies every potential decampment.

What is inside the Forex Trendy Package?

  • Operational charts of rising patterns and the history of finished patterns;
  • Automatic chart analysis identifyingkey patterns for currency pairs such as Triangles, Flags, Falling Wedge and Rising Wedge, andTrend Lines considering 34 Forex trading pairs;
  • Sound alerts and email alerts for the new completed patterns;
  • This softwareappliesa smart algorithm to take into account which trend line or pattern appears better;
  • ​General guides to trends and major currency pairs;
  • ​Access to site functions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week;
  • ​Chart pattern recognition in Forex Trendy is included and is free of charge!

How much does it cost?

Forex Trendy is affordable for all, rich and poor. Registration fees are less than forty dollars. It only costs $37 (3-month subscription). Payment is made through ClickBank, and you start using this platform once your registration is complete. Also, withdrawal is processed as soon as you start generating a profit out of the program.

Money-Back Guarantee

To subscribe to Forex Trendy means that you have a guarantee. Once you subscribe to the program via Clickbank , you will receive a Sixty-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the program. You have the right to contact customer service and get back a full refund of your investment.

Contrary to what many people beleive, Forex Trendy is not an automated trading bot that makes trades for you on different trading platforms.  You will need to place the selected trades on your own. All that it will do is to recommend profitable trades that you will enter and execute manually. You won't get much in terms of educative materials. The system will instead provide you with the trend scanning assistance, which can help you to ascertain what best trades are based on current market conditions.

Real-Time Results

​Since this program uses cloud computing, it is easily accessible from anywhere at any time without having trouble to install it on your device. You will, therefore, receive instantresults because of this software's back up from empowered computers. This advantage will, therefore, allow you to trade with any program of your choice.

Yet, you will have access to live charts comparisons so you can pull the trigger on informed trades. More importantly, there is also an option allowing you to select the time frame to see the trend. To be successful, you will no longer be bothered to read a lot of e-books or be asked to watch some tutorials to prepare your new trading venture. The most important aspect of Forex Trendy is to keep its users well informed in good time to make profits out of it.

What makes Forex Trendy different?

Today we have many prolific forex trading programs on the market. Then, we need to know how Forex Trendy is conceived to stand out at the competitive market place. This program is different from other trading platforms that teach traders how to select trades. It also doesn't involve automatic trading on your behalf, like other frequent trading programs. It uses, instead, a market-based trend algorithm.

At each time interval, the software will continuously scan and analyze 34 main currency pairs at each time frame, from one minute (sixty seconds) to thirty days.

More importantly, the program is conceived to recognize all kinds of chart patterns that break at any time they happen. As a matter of fact, you will continuously receive audio alerts and email alerts as the process will be happening inside the software.

Therefore, you will handle every unpleasant situation for you since the program does not educate you about what you need to comprehend to become a professional in trading and does not execute currency pairs functions.

Based on a sophisticated algorithm, this program uses nine times to scan thirty-four currency and coins, meaning that the algorithm manages or scans three hundred and six charts in that time frame.

How to keep on top of the market

As soon as currency pairs start to generate split signals, the software will send you alerts about the market conditions as it will be taking place.  The procedure will give you, ina reasonable time frame,the occasion to invest in currency pairs with a high success rate so that you can execute trades with almost no risk.

Forex Trendy distinguishes itself from other trading programs in that it uses a unique scanning algorithm altogether with grids and charts. This function enables you toexecute operations by saving your time. As a result, the Forex Trendy method reduces the amount of time you would spend looking for favorable market research.

Advantages to join Forex Trendy family

Gives buyers confidence:

The money-back-guarantee offers traders to have much more confidence in this product because they acknowledge that they can try it out for a one ortwo-month period and get a full refund once they are not satisfied with how this trend scanner works. Mostly, other scanner tools offer to its operators almost six or seven currency pairs available for instant checking.

With Forex Trendy, you will preferably have access to thirty-four currency pairs in the game, which brings you to side with more business possibilities. Based on how the market is evolving, this will make you different from other traders. Moreover, its operating system scans not only any currency pairs, but it also analyzes and evaluates, by choosing the most suitable pairs show. This support is most helpful and advantageous for beginners.

Customer Service Support:

Here is another added asset for Forex Trendy traders. No real forex scanning program is complete without a customer support team.When you most need any help, you can contact a customer service member at any time (24h/7) about any concerns you are having about this software. The company responds to inquiries of its customers about any matter.

You can contact them through email or live chat. It is really frustrating and disappointing to find out some trading companies without a live chat feature or a phone number. The good news with this scanning program is that the staff is available for you at any time. You will get a response in one or two hours

Good and Trusted Software

Forex Trendy uses cloud computing software, which can help traders to maximize earnings by using powerful features. For beginners at the market, the issue of trading may be quite challenging and even intimidating. But thanks to this program, all those visceral feelings, when it comes to making severe business engagement, have been treated by our programmers who conceive it, and you will receive proper guidance.

Throughout its operating system, it teaches you how the market actually works and how to identify market trends. So, you will be independent in your business operations. This program will, therefore, allow you to enter the market being well prepared. The automatic chart analysis function is capable of analyzing all kinds of charts and more than thirty-four currencies.

Additionally, with this package, you will also get a thirty-page e-book explaining basic forex key terminology and graphic standards. You will get a clear understanding of the differences between triangles, flags, trend lines, and wedges; all that for you to become a professional trader. 

This program appears to be the perfect answer for many since it allows traders to concentrate on the best trading times as long as the software will be notifying them when good buy pairs are about to happen. This program is based on the market action, so you will take a good position for making profitable sales.

Pros and Cons


Among other trading tools, this forex scanning tool is the easiest to use and does not require any app installation or set up.After you register for the program, you will automatically have instant access to the member’s area where you will find enough and useful information and forex signals that you can use to trade promptly.

 More importantly, to be capable of using it, this trading program does not request deep forex understanding. Based on its functioning and rate, it is also the best choice for new startups. It enables them to read and understand charts and how to use them to make income-generating operations.

  • ​Easy-to-use system for both beginners and professionals with a friendly user interface;​
  • Time-saving for those who do not have time to do their market research;
  • ​Adapted to all major trading platforms;
  • ​Highly affordable: you can use it any time (day or night);
  • ​This program offers 24 hours support to its users: you can interact with the customer service agents;
  • ​60-Day Money-Back Guarantee;
  • ​Graphic pattern recognition included;
  • ​comes with a sophisticated algorithm that scans the best available trading pairs.


Even though this program has many positive qualities, it also has some flaws. First, you will need to have a stable internet connection so that you can execute operations with this software. You also need to stay in the same room as your computer to hear audible alerts.

Again, if you are a beginner without a good understanding of the market, you can run the risk of losing your money. It is a good thing to get a full refund if you feel that the program is not suitable for you, but a demo is also needed to help new users try the software out before experiencing the hassle to get a refund.

As a beginner, you can get bored while handling hundreds of charts and graphs. Also, they don't offer basic forex lessons to beginners.

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