Freshbooks is popular accounting software which specializes in online invoicing, payment processing, reporting, expense and time tracking for small to medium-size businesses.

Freshbooks is cloud-based meaning that you can access your account, storage and applications anywhere with a good internet connection and on any device. Freshbooks is available for Desktop, Mac, Android, iPhone, and it is one of the best cloud-computing accounting apps.


Launched in 2004 in Toronto, Canada, the company extends its services to millions of users in more than 120 countries in the world.The app is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, and more. It also supports multicurrency's payments.

The software allows small businesses owners and freelancers to send customize and professional invoices and, receive clients' payments faster. It also offers basic bookkeeping and helps customers record all their financial transactions. Furthermore, Freshbooks takes care of resolving complex numbers and preparing financial statements, which gives you time to focus on improving your business and increase sales.

FreshBooks Features And Pricing

1. FreshBooks Features

​For a freelancer or a small business owner in need of a reliable and easy to use accounting software, you can profit from Freshbooks' 30-day trial and see if it is the right tool for you. Setting up an account on Freshbooks is fast and easy, and, they don't require a credit card. All you need is entering your email address, set up a password, confirm the email address, and you are good to go.

The software has a clean and well-designed interface, and the dashboard will give an overview of your invoices, total profit, expenses, and reports. Besides, you will find video tutorials and tips every step of the way. You can start adding customers’ profiles, your products or services to save data for future invoices or choose to add the information manually as you create them.

Freshbooks offers multiple features which help to make your accountant tasks more straightforward and quicker.

1.1. FreshBooks Invoicing

Freshbooks has made invoicing very easy; it allows you to create recurring invoices, customize the invoice layout(logo, language, fonts, and accent color), send the invoice and receive payments online.

Freshbooks has made invoicing very easy; it allows you to create recurring invoices, customize the invoice layout(logo, language, fonts, and accent color), send the invoice and receive payments online.

One of the best options on this feature is that Freshbooks notify you when your customer opens an invoice and updates you when they pay; this helps to ensure that the invoice was successfully delivered and the customer will not claim not to receive the invoice. Furthermore, Freshbooks allows you to track your current and past invoice, making it easier to pull out overdue payments and send an automatic reminder to the customer.

Another great option is the ability to save time by setting automatic recurring billings to be sent weekly, monthly, or annually. The software alsoallows your loyal customers to keep their credit cards for automatic payments.Besides, you can set Freshbooks to apply late payments fees to overdue invoices automatically.

1.2. Expenses

Freshbooks enables you to track expenses and organize your receipts in one place. You can match which fees go to which client and easily add them to your customers' invoice in the form of reimbursement. 

Also, you can connect your bank account or credit cards to the software's Expense Tool and allow Freshbooks to import your expenses each day. This feature will help you to track your day-to-day expenses, stay in budget, and ready for tax time.

1.3. Time Tracking:

Before starting a new project, Freshbooks enables you to record your working time and bill your clients for tracked time. You can choose to bill them hourly or charge them a flat rate. 

The time tracking feature also allows you to check how much time you and your team are spending on the project and, monitor how many days until the projects’ due date. Time tracking also allows employees to enter their working time, making it easy for you to calculate payrolls.

1.4. Payments: 

You can receive payments online via PayPal or through credit card by settling accounts with Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Google Checkout, American Express. 

Freshbooks enables you to accept payments in international currencies allowing its users to expand their business overseas. Moreover, Freshbooks integrates with many other apps, including Stripe, Shopify, G suite, and more to make payments faster and easier.

1.5. Reporting

Freshbooks’ reporting save you from entering all data in an Excel spreadsheet. They make creating financial reports simple. 

The software enables you to generate a profit and loss report and create an expense report to track your monthly costs and observe your balance sheet. At the end of a financial period, you can export these files and share them with your tax advisers and accountant for further evaluation.

1.6. FreshBooks Mobile App

Freshbooks mobile app enables you to communicate with customers, create and check invoices status, and capture receipts even when you are away.

2. FreshBooks Princing

Freshbooks' payment plans only depend on the number of your active customers, but the features remain the same.

  • Lite Plan: Lite Plan costs $15 per month and $13.5 per year, and it only supports five customers.
  • Plus Plan: With the cost of $25 per month and $22.5 per year, you can bill up 50 clients.
  • Premium Plan: Premium Plan lets you support up to 500 clients at the price of $50 per month and $45 per year.
  • Select Plan: If you have more than 500 customers or bill over $150.000 per year, then you will need to contact Freshbooks’ customer service for a customized quote.
  • Additional users: If you add more users to your account (business partner, new employee, contractor), you will need to pay an extra $10 per month.
  • Freshbooks Payments: To receive money online through Freshbooks Payments, they will charge 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.
  • Advanced Payments: It is an add-on that allows you to process your repeat clients’ recurring payments over the phone or in person. This service is only included in the Select Plan, but you can purchase for an additional $20 per month.


Briefly, Freshbooks is a top-quality accounting solution along with responsive and efficient customer support. Most importantly, Freshbooks will help youcreate, customize, send, and manage invoices.

It will also help you to get paid faster without the stress of arguing with customers over late payments. Although the software still lacks inventory tracking, mobile reporting features, and bank reconciliation, Freshbooks is innovative, and they are continually adding new components to improve its functionality.

You can also earn money by referring your favorite accounting program to your peers and make $5 per free trial signup, and if your referral subscribes to any of Freshbooks’ paid plan, you will get $55.

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