​OBT Email Course Day One


Congratulations! If you are reading this then you’re one step closer to financial success. Taking action is very important when starting an Online Business. Unfortunately, most people will read about it, think about it but they simply fail to take a step forward and actually start something.In Day one of the course, I go through a few basics.
I will explain how you can make money from a website and how the whole concept of online business works.

I’ll share some personal details and I will explain what you can do to go forward.

The 3 Day Course

First of all, this course is an introduction to ONLINE BUSINESS. For you to know what to expect from this training, here is a list of subjects I will be covering in the upcoming days:

  • What is an ONLINE BUSINESS and how it works
  • Internet Marketing as a whole and affiliate marketing model
  • How to decide on a good business model for YOU
  • Building a website, the foundation of your business
  • The potential of ONLINE BUSINESS: expectations vs. reality
  • How to get help when you need it

Besides explaining how everything comes together I will also provide you with daily tasks, specific actions you can take today in order to start your ONLINE BUSINESS journey. This is extremely important because theory alone won’t take you anywhere. However, once you apply the theory in real life you’ll start seeing results.

Who Am I and how I started ''ONLINE BUSINESS TUTORIAL''?

First of all, ONLINE BUSINESS TUTORIAL is a team of over 10 people now, included content creators, social media marketers, web designers, search engine optimizers and video post producers.

My name is Brice, born in Burundi – a small beautiful country located in Central-East Africa, I am a young professional, mathematician – graduate of the Polytechnic Section of the University of Burundi​.

I own multiple businesses included '' ONLINE BUSINESS TUTORIAL'', "ADSENSE TUTORIAL" and they all operate under the Gateka Corporation.

Since I finished my university studies, I've worked for different companies back in Burundi (My home country) and here in the US, however, a regular 9 to 5 job ​Isn’t something that I envisioned for my future.

I would get a little sick from simply imagining that in 20+ years I’ll still be sitting at that office.

More and more often I’d browse the internet looking for a way to make some money online. I’ve heard of people doing it and I wanted to do that as well.

I’ve even found some of those so-called “gurus” who promised to make me rich overnight for only $197. Exciting, isn’t it?

After buying a bunch of products at $19, $47, $95, $200 I realized that most of these hyped-up promises were nothing but empty talk.

I got scammed out of my money more than once. I am sure most people reading this course can relate: these scams work because people fall for them.

With time I did manage to learn a few basic concepts of online marketing. More importantly, I managed to find proper training that didn’t sell hype but sold proper online business training.

I went ahead and built my first website. To be honest, I was putting a LOT of hours into all of this but I was desperate to leave my job so it seemed fair to me.

Few weeks later I made my first money online. It was only $50 but it got me very excited. I saw the potential and realized that it was just the beginning.

Fast forward a few more months. My online earnings were higher than my regular paycheck.

I am not a millionaire (yet) but ONLINE BUSINESSES have allowed me to lead a better and more interesting life.

Since then I’ve picked up a few hobbies, I’ve traveled to many countries around the globe and it simply made me happier. Being able to “not have a boss” is simply priceless.

Online Business and You

Folks taking this course come from different backgrounds and all have different skills. My goal is to make this course helpful to everyone.

If you are a total beginner – you’ll find a wealth of information here.

If you already have experience in online marketing I’m sure you’ll still be able to grab tips and strategies that will help you better your ONLINE BUSINESS.

Now I know I am getting annoying for repeating myself but I have to remind you once again that YOU need to take MASSIVE action.

Please, don’t just read this course and think to yourself “sure, I’ll do that thing later”. Do it NOW! I am sure I would have failed some years ago if I didn’t keep pushing.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to be a web designer or a businessman or a programmer in order to succeed.

When I first started I didn’t know anything about website building. I didn’t know anything about marketing, advertising and I was a really horrible writer.

I’m still not a great writer but I got a lot better throughout the years, simply because I wouldn’t stop.

Most of my article writers are freaked out when they are starting but after a few months, they write as they talk. So, it's a matter of time and repetition is the main key.

Are you ready to get started?

Starting an ONLINE BUSINESS is not as hard as it sounds, however, it also isn’t as easy as many “online gurus” want you to believe. You need to remember a few things throughout the whole journey.

Stay focused.

There are thousands of different strategies, products, programs and promises online.

Jumping from one shiny promise to another won’t get you anywhere.

I know because I’ve been there and I’ve wasted a lot of time and money. Pick one strategy and stick with it (I’ll help you out with this one).

Take Your time.

There is a chance you’ll get overwhelmed with all the new information you’ll be learning.

Now that’s a bad thing. Don’t try to absorb as much as possible in a very short time, this will only confuse and puzzle you.

Do one thing at a time and seek explanations when you don’t understand something. Remember, we’re building a real, long-lasting business here and time management is important.

Don’t chase the millions overnight.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to riches. Internet marketing is similar to any other business – it takes time to grow.

Some people jump into this with a belief they will start making $1,000 per day starting tomorrow… and it’s unfortunate.

Sure, you can make a lot of cash online (I personally know people making several million per year) but it doesn’t happen overnight. Forget about the riches for the moment and concentrate on building a helpful business.

Online Business​​​​​

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to start an online business. You can flip websites (buying and selling websites), you can do drop-shipping, you can open a web hosting company, you can offer online marketing services to local businesses, you can start the next big social media platform, etc.

​However, in this course, I will be teaching you about one of the easiest ways to start an online business: Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means that you don’t need to have a lot of money (if any at all) to get started. You don’t need to own a product or provide a service. You don’t need a warehouse to store the products. You don’t even need to take care of payments, shipping, refunds, etc.

The best part, you won’t have to annoy your friends and family by trying to persuade them to sign up to the newest opportunity. You also won’t have to host any “home parties” to showcase some overpriced products no one wants, trying to get the people in your “downline”.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

Before going any further, I’d like to give you a real-life example of how affiliate marketing works and why this online business model is so awesome.

At the moment of writing this example, I’m planning on starting a podcast. Since I’d need to buy a microphone for this I’d first have to find what kind of microphone I will buy.

​I went to Google and typed: “Best microphone for podcasting”. The first result seemed exactly what I was looking for. Titled “The Best Podcasting Microphones on the Market” and posted only a few months ago it seemed relevant and actual.

So I opened up that page and started reading. The author offered good information on a variety of microphones and I’ve chosen the specific microphone from the list. Each microphone in the article also had a link to Amazon, where I could probably get the lowest price for these mics.
It’s worth mentioning that the links to Amazon were AFFILIATE links.

​This means that when I landed on the microphone page, Amazon knew that I was referred by that specific website.

Now if I end up buying a microphone from Amazon, the website that sent me there would receive a commission.

As you can see, the person who created that Microphone Review website is making money by providing good, helpful information and connecting the buyer (me) with the seller (Amazon).

​Now get this, most big companies offer affiliate programs. Think of such names as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Apple… you can become an affiliate of almost ANY product that’s sold on or offline.

Do you realize the potential of this?
To summarize, as an affiliate marketer you are simply acting as a middle man between the potential customer and the seller. Provide the buyer with quality information and he(she) will buy, resulting in a commission for you.

How To Start an Affiliate Business

1. Finding a product to sell.

​This is often not the easiest step of the business. You need to track down a product that would be in demand for a specific group of people. For instance, selling podcast microphones to those who want to start a podcast is a great idea. Trying to sell random books to people would be a lot harder.

​There are a lot of details that go into researching what kind of product to sell and who to sell it too. Wealthy Affiliate training covers every single detail of this process.

However, personally, I recommend sticking to industries that you like or that you’re passionate about.
Working with your hobby/passion makes it that much more fun!

2. Finding an affiliate program.

​Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to sell, you’ll need to find an affiliate program that would allow you to sell such products. It’s worth mentioning that affiliate programs are FREE to join.

If you’re asked to pay in order to join an affiliate program you’re either getting scammed or you’re trying to apply as a vendor and not an affiliate.

ShareASale, Commission Junction and Amazon Affiliate are some of the most popular and trusted affiliate networks.

You can also easily find an affiliate program by doing a Google search. Head to Google and type “product name + affiliate”. Example: “baby stroller + affiliate” will result in a bunch of sites that offer an affiliate program which allows you to sell baby strollers.

3. Building a Website.

​Building a website is crucial for your online business. “Back in the day”, this task was very complicated and time-consuming. However, in 2019 building a website doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. You don’t need to know programming or web design and it can be done without spending a single dime.

In fact, you can use WA’s Site Rubix website builder to set-up your website within 30 seconds, completely free. You can build an unlimited number of websites as a premium member, however, as a free member, you can still build 2 websites (hosting including) free of charge!

Should you decide to move your websites away from WA later on – you can do just that. Unlike most other places that offer “free websites” Wealthy Affiliate actually allows you to transfer your sites anywhere you want.

Suggestion from my personal experience. DON’T get hung up on how your website looks and feels. Sure, it’s cool to have a good looking site but it’s a lot more profitable to have a website that works and that has content. Spend a little time making your website look good. Spend a lot more time creating good quality content. This brings us to the next step.

4. Creating Content.

​There is this famous phrase in online marketing: The Content is King. This may sound like an exaggeration but content truly is king.

Great content is probably the most important part of your online business. People don’t click on ads. People ignore banners. More and more folks are installing pop-up blocking browser extensions. Selling through these medium is becoming increasingly complicated.

​However, selling through content works pretty well. When you produce great, original and helpful content – people simply love it. Helpful information also helps people make buying decisions.

If I think of the last 3 items I purchased online – I purchased them through someone’s websites. Let it be reviews, experiences or videos, content does sell.

​Constantly creating quality content will make you money sooner or later. The biggest issue with this is that most people want instant results.

​Unfortunately, your website won’t become super successful overnight by simply hosting great content. However, in the long run, your quality content will become a goldmine.

​On the other note, you can sell your content (write articles for others) and earn anywhere from $3 to $100 a piece, depending on your skills, writing style and experience. Personally, I prefer creating content myself and hiring others to write for my sites as well.

​It’s worth mentioning that writing will be very hard for most people. Your content will suck at first and you will have constant writer blocks, not knowing what to write.

I had these issues when I was first starting. The fact that English is my 4th language (After French, Swahili and Kirundi) didn’t help either. However, practice makes perfect. The more you write the better you get at it.

5. Getting Visibility

​Putting up a site and throwing a few articles isn’t enough to get a bunch of sales. In this step of the process, you’ll concentrate on promoting your website (and your business).

​This includes social media activity. You’ll learn how to reach out to other site owners, how to help people online and how to create even more content.

​The more content you’ll create the more organic search engine traffic you’ll get. Also, great content gets shared by others hence bringing you more traffic

​There are many other details to this step. Building a proper e-mail list, paid advertising, guest blogging and many other strategies can be used to attract more traffic which will ultimately result in more income for you. Most of these strategies are covered in great detail within WA training.

Ok, that’s a lot of stuff to think about! I hope I didn’t confuse you here.

Day 1 Tasks

Remember I told you I’ll provide you with a list of tasks? Here is what you should do now:

1. If you haven’t already, get your free account at WA Business Training Community. Remember, no credit card or personal information is required for this.

In case you aren’t able to create your stater account, simply let me know via my private email ( ​info@onlinebusinesstutorial.com ) and I will help you out!

​2. Once you’ve created your free account make sure to fill out your profile. Having an image (even if it’s a photo of your cat) and a short description helps a lot. Since WA is a community people are more compelled to help out and communicate with those who seem like “real” people

Once your profile is ready to go, don’t forget to holla at me. My profile can be found here.

3. Take a pen and a piece of paper. Now sit down and write your goals for the next 3 years. Write down where you see yourself in 3 years from now, what kind of car you drive, where do you live and so on.

I want you to understand that a job will probably never take you to those goals but an online business has that potential.

This is not “The Secret” and I am not saying that thinking of an object for long enough will make it appear in front of you. However, setting specific goals does help moving forward. Feel free to share your goals and dreams with me!

4. Write down at least 3 of your hobbies or things you are passionate about. Maybe you like muscle cars? Maybe you love fishing or camping? Maybe you’re crazy about cooking or music? Just write down your hobbies and/or passions, as many as you can and think what it would be like to own a business in that industry.

5. Go to Amazon.com (Go to Best Sellers section). Look through the bestselling products on amazon and think about the fact that there are probably affiliate marketers making money off of them.

On the left-hand side, you will see a list of all departments (automotive, beauty, electronics, jewelry, sports).

Look through these categories to see the respective bestselling products.

Now think about your hobbies you wrote down in Task #4 and trying to find related products through step 2, in amazon bestselling products.

6. Check out this video on finding a profitable niche. Once again, finding a good product to sell/promote is very important.
Alright! That’s all for today! Complete your tasks and look through the videos and resources I mentioned on this page.

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Tomorrow we’ll get much deeper into the world of Internet Marketing so stay tuned!

– Brice