​Product description

Name of Product: Online Marketing Classroom

Owners: Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton

Price: $1497 one-time payment - No upsells

Official Website:


Online Marketing Classroom (OMC) is a membership program managed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. In itself, it is a platform that teaches people how to make a living online.

Already, Internet Marketing is defying all economic trends. Especially amid the economic recession, Internet Marketing is indeed flourishing.


So, to thrive in Internet Marketing, you don't need a diploma or degree. All you need is some free time, training, and a few resources to start gaining a passive income online. Also, unlike setting up a real business or franchise, Internet marketing requires minimal investment.

It's a fact that most people who start internet marketing fail due to a lack of quality resources.

That's why this program provides us with comprehensive, quality, step-by-step coaching videos developed by experts to help beginners and experienced Internet marketers alike succeed in their online business. This series of videos will aim to break down the technical barriers that usually constrain the creation of online businesses, i.e., reduce learning curves, avoidable and costly mistakes, etc. with the sole purpose of making a lot of money. 

To this end, the program includes a 9-week financial training course organized as follows:

  • Week 1: Niche and Product Selection
  • Week 2: Store configuration and optimization
  • Week 3: Facebook configuration and optimization of the end store
  • Week 4: Case study update, creation of advertising images and sales channels
  • Week 5: Case Study Update, Website Conversions, and Facebook Ads
  • Week 6: More Case Study Updates, Order Fulfillment and Upselling
  • Week 7: Scaling of your ads, duplication of ad sets and product feeds
  • Week 8: Extended Scaling and Mailing List Creation
  • Week 9: Clarification videos

In addition to the training, the program includes a section on using a variety of business models (affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, Consulting, and coaching, Creating and selling your own e-products, Amazon Kindle Publishing SEO services,...). It also contains a plethora of useful tools, as well as email support and a private Facebook group.

​Development on the functioning of OMC

While others focus primarily on a technophobic market or revenue stream, the online marketing classroom is the flagship system for anything to please.

Nonetheless, it's not just a bunch of courses that tell you what to do in other to make money online. It also includes resources, workshops, software, and support for everyone with case studies.

So, in detail to succeed online, the whole system is divided into several parts:

  • ​Labs - The program offers six complete business labs showing you how to make money in different ways online, with digital products, e-commerce stores, consulting companies, etc.
  • ​Tools - a suite of software tools that help you automate much of the process, increase traffic, conversations, and overall profitability:
  • Crowdforce - automated solution for real targeted traffic
  • Bounce Breaker: 5 tools to convert visitors into prospects or buyers
  • Landing Page Launchpad: drag and drop funnel generator
  • Traffic Spy: "real-time" analysis tool
  • Hawkeye: find high-profit opportunities in e-commerce
  • Domains on Fire: a tool to find expired high ranking domains
  • eCom product search: find profitable niches in seconds
  • Viral search tool: search for content that goes viral
  • Free trustmarks: use their "Trustify" service for free
  • Blackbird: specific for Amazon
  • ​Workshops: 40 live training sessions each month detailing new methods, updates, and strategies and techniques that currently work in the online world. Also, you have the opportunity to access reruns of all the previous ones.
  • ​Tutorials - plans, manuals, and tips for sales funnels, product launches, website conversions, high conversion landing page design, and so on. All with the sole purpose of increasing your revenue.
  • Resources -  you will find everything you need to get started and continue into settling a successful online business.
  • Community - OMC provides a private community of mentors and students like you, sharing their successes and advice.

Whatever your membership level (Platinum/Platinum/Blue), as you can see, everything is all in one system so that:

  • For a beginner looking for the fastest way to make money online, this program, using its specific training focused on a variety of proven business models, shows you how to create a life-changing business,
  • If you already have an online business, this program gives you access to the library of strategies, training, and proprietary software tools that will help you improve the management of your business and make it much more profitable. What more, OMC offers regular updates of existing content, allowing you to access the latest trends in the online landscape while staying ahead of your competition,
  • If you are a marketing professional, this program will enable you to learn how to increase your traffic (or customer traffic), conversions, revenues, and profits using proven methods and strategies that are currently working.

​Advantages and disadvantages of the OMC


  1. Instant access and no waiting time
  2. Instructions to help people build successful online businesses
  3. Individual Mentoring
  4. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Free of all updates to be made in the future.
  6. OMC doesn't charge any shipping, handling, packaging, or handling fees.


  1. No free trial offer
  2. Presence of crooks on the site
  3. The high cost of training


The truth is that for any online query about the best way to make money online, you get not only a lot of obsolete or inaccurate information but also a lot of contradictory information. And to save you from an endless loop, the OMC has come as a source for solving the problem.

Moreover, enrolling for the OMC program enables you to learn from others' trials and errors so that your mind is prepared to develop competitive skills and innovation in the field of online marketing.

Thus, you could say that the OMC is a unique win-win opportunity to change your life forever. The company's program offers a complete package that has coached thousands of individuals from all over the globe, helping them grow and develop their online businesses. Hence, it can help you as well.

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