What is Payoneer.com? 

Created in 2005, Payoneer (payoneer.com) is an American payout company that enables business owners and professionals to send and receive payments from wherever they are in the world.

​Briefly, Payoneer allows you to receive payments from your international customers or employers. For freelance writers, bloggers or online marketers, Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal as it gives you access to more than 200 countries and 150+ currencies.


what is payoneer.com?

How Does Payonner Work? 

​Many people around the world are using pioneer to receive earnings or pay remote employees. To get access to their services, you will need to open an account and apply for their Prepaid debit MasterCard or link your bank account.

1. How to Open a Payoneer Account?

​Payoneer requires applicants to have a driving license, a national ID or a passport. Signing up is free, quick and easy. At first, you need to enter personal information (name, address, city postal code and phone number).

​The next step will be to input your password, a security question, and your ID number. It is essential to pick out an easy to remember security question as Payoneer may ask for it time to time to ensure if it’s you logging in.

​You will then need to provide your bank account details. Payoneer has proven to be a secure payment platform; thus, your bank account details will remain safe. At last, tick to agree on their terms and conditions and submit your application.

​A team at Payoneer.com will review your application within two to three days. Once approved, they will send you a Prepaid Debit MasterCard which you will use for your transactions.

2. How to register as a company

​For a company with more than five workers, it can register for a company account. The account will allow sending multiple transfers in a single click.

​However, for a company of fewer than five employees, they would need to load the money into their card manually, and they can only transfer to other Payoneer cardholders.

3. Payoneer.com - How to withdraw your earnings

​There are two major ways to withdraw funds when using a Payoneer card:

  • 1. Through an ATM: After receiving payment, you can withdraw money at any ATM that accepts MasterCard.
  • 2. On a Local Bank Transfer: Your funds will be sent to your bank account within two hours.

Payoneer Benefits

Online Business Money Transfer

​1. Sign up through their referral link and earn 25$, although you need to deposit an initial amount of 100$ to get the money.

​2. You can make money with their affiliate program (Refer-a-friend program)

​Payoneer pays 25$ for every referral you send to your friends and followers. Therefore, when someone signs up via your referral link, both of you will receive money. The moment your friend deposits or receives a payment of at least 100$, Payoneer will send 25$ into your account.

​All you need to do to enjoy this service is open a Payoneer account and convince as many people as possible to start using Payoneer.

​3. Their service provides easy access to your payments; you can receive your money within a day (two hours).

​4. Payoneer.com allows you to expand your business cross-borders and to get paid in more currencies.

​5. Payoneer transaction fees are relatively low:

  • ​The yearly fee at Payoneer is at 29.95$
  • ​A transaction between Payoneer cardholders is free
  • ​You pay a 1% fee each time you receive a payment
  • ​ATM withdrawals cost 3.15% per transaction
  • ​You get charged 1$ every time your card gets declined or request a balance inquiry.
  • ​A transfer to bank account in your local currency costs 2% of the total amount. If you withdraw the money in USD, EUR or GBP, the rate will be 1.50%.
what is payoneer.com?

​6. With Payoneer.com, profit a great multilingual customer service.

​7. Having a bank account is optional

​8. You can use their mobile application (available for both Android and iOS) to check your balance and track your payment history. The app supports 19 languages and more than 20 currencies.

​9. You can use your Pioneer card to shop online or other stores that accept MasterCard payments.

Payoneer Disadvantages

  1. ​You will still pay their yearly fee whether you use it or not.
  2. The Payoneer replacement card costs 12.95$
  3. Their currency conversion costs high
  4. Payoneer charges a 3% if you get paid through a credit card

What is Payoneer Global Transfer Service

​Payoneer Global Bank Transfer (GBT) is a Payoneer feature that allows direct payments from Payonner to local bank accounts in more than 200 countries and +50 currencies. This service is mostly used by Payoneer partners who struggled before sending remittances to their employees or affiliate around the world in their local currency.

Advantages of Payoneer GBT

  1. ​You only need to link your bank account to Payoneer account to get access to the service.
  2. ​GBT service is fast: it takes 1 to 3 business days to get your funds
  3. Payoneer.com will send a real-time email to notify the availability of your payments
  4. Receive your earnings at your local bank, in your currency, and at a low cost; using GBT costs cheaper than checks or bank wires.
  5. GBT services are useful for large payments
  6. ​No monthly or yearly maintenance fees
  7. The service requires a one-time setup account details.

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