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Reddit is a popular web content rating, social news, and discussion platform created in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Registered users, called "Redditors" post videos, images, gifs, texts, and links in forums, called "Subreddits."

The subreddits cover many topics, including news, photos, science, movies, food, pictures, sports, videos, gaming, music, and many more. The posts can be upvoted or downvoted by other Redditors. Reddit has more than 542 million monthly users, with over 234 unique users. "The Front Page of the Internet" is the 6th most visited website in the U.S. and the 21st in the world.



Reddit was created by Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, Christopher Slowe and Aaron Swartz in 2005. At that time, Huffman and Ohanian were University of Virginia students. After they both attended a lecture given by Paul Graham, they met up with the later who offered them a job at his startup incubator Y Combinator where they would propose the idea of Reddit. ChristopherSlowe would later join the group. 

In 2016, Reddit merged with Infogami and the company's founder Aaron Swartz became the equal owner of the parent company "Not a Bug." The former University of Georgia students would sell Reddit to Conde Nast Publications in 2006 for $10 to 20 million. Swartz would be fired the following year.

Huffman and Ohanian left Reddit in 2009. Huffman and Adam Goldstein found travel company Hipmunk in 2010 and added Ohanian and Slowe to their team.

The Growth

Erik Martin, former Reddit Community Manager, became General Manager in 2011. He would be essential for keeping the platform going as he led charity initiatives and facilitated the purchase of Reddit Gifts. Yishan Wong, CEO of Reddit from 2012 to 2014, is credited to have grown the number of users from 35 million to 174 million.

During the two years at the helm of the company, Wong also raised 50 million USD in funding and helped the company spin off as an independent company. Ellen Pao replaced Wong as the CEO from 2014 to 2015. She put in place the anti-harassment policy and prohibited involuntary sexualization. Pao also closed forums that focused on biased content and harassment.

After Wong resigned, Ohanian returned to become Executive Chairman in 2014. Huffman returned to Reddit to become Chief Executive Officer in 2015 after Pao left the company. He introduced Reddit app for iOS and Android, fixed the mobile site, and also helped redesign the platform in 2018. Christopher Slowe also rejoined the company as Chief Technology Officer in 2017. 

In 2009, the platform introduced two kinds of advertising: sponsored content and self-serve ads. Reddit Premium, former Reddit Gold, was launched in 2010. This feature allows Redditors to make a revenue stream without ads. Since 2013, subscriptions to Reddit Gold are made in Bitcoin through Coinbase. In 2017, the platform introduced new features such as hiding posts, comments, and private messages to limit online harassment. The following year, Reddit was valued at $1.8 million.


An IT Manager received death threats in 2011 after offering Redditors to trade one of the codes he had of the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He was subsequently fired.

Sunil Tripathi committed suicide after being wrongfully identified as one of the suspects of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. Then Reddit General Manager Erik Martin had to apologize officially.

r/SonyGOP was banned in 2014 after it was used to distribute hacked Sony files. In the same year, r/TheFappening, which was created to distribute hacked pictures of celebrities, was also banned.

The subreddit was banned because of some pictures of actress Liz Lee and Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney taken when they were underage. In 2015, Huffman quarantined several subreddits that were said to have offensive and upsetting content including r/European, r/drawpeople, r/swedenyes, r/kiketown, r/whitesarecriminals, r/backfathers, and r/greatapes. Other banned subreddits include r/jailbait, r/CreepShots, r/gore, r/ DarkNetMarkets, r/incels, r/FatPeopleHate, r/niggers, r/Watchpeopledie, r/shitniggerssay, r/Coontown, r/SanctionedSuicide, r/Pizzagate, r/Shoplifting, r/Deepfakes, r/GunsForSale and r/MillionDollarExtreme. Russia, China, and Indonesia all have banned Reddit in the past.

SubReddits And Redditors

Reddit’s postsinclude pictures, videos, gifs, links, texts, and discussions. Reddit has more than 330 million "Redditors." The platform is split in over 138.000 categories or forums called "Subreddits." Users can comment on others' posts or send private messages to them. Creating a Reddit account doesn’t require an email address.

Contrary to other social media platforms, Reddit has an “upvote” (like) and “downvote” (dislike) system. This system is used for both posts and comments. The posts or comments with more upvotes or downvotes (controversial posts) gain visibility on the website. Users also earn "karma" with the upvotes which are a sign of their contribution and their standings within the platform.

Users can also be gifted with Gold, Silver, and Platinum coins. The best posts from the various subreddits are displayed on "the front page." Users without accounts will only see those without the option to upvote, downvote, or comment. Users can pick to view the “best”, “hot”, “new”, “top”, “controversial” or “rising” posts or comments.

Redditors (usernames begin with u/) can also create their own subreddits (name start with r/) on any topic even if the same item already has a subreddit. The subreddits are controlled by "moderators." Moderators are usually the ones who created the subreddit or other users promoted to the title. Their 'jobs' are to manage the subreddits, set rules that vary from subreddit to subreddit, remove posts or comments that don't follow established rules, and ban redditors who violate them. Contrary to the moderators who work for free, admins are paid by the company. There are more than 138.000 active subreddits from 1.2 million in total.

The top 10 subreddits with the most members:

  1. r/Announcement (announcement): 37.4 million members
  2. r/funny (funny videos, pictures, gifs, and articles): 23.7 million members
  3. r/AskReddit (questions of any kind): 22.1 million members
  4. r/gaming (games and gaming): 21.5 million members
  5. r/pics (pictures and photographs): 21.3 million members
  6. r/Science (science): 20.9 million members
  7. r/worldnews (news from around the world): 21 million members
  8. r/todayilearned (things learned that day): 20.5 million members
  9. r/movies (movies): 20 million members
  10. r/aww (cute animals): 20 million members

The ten posts with the most upvotes:

  1. Guardians of the Front Page (r/funny)
  2. Thanks, Obama (r/pics)
  3. I am Barack Obama, President of the United States – AMA (r/IAmA)
  4. Shelia Fredrick, the flight attendant who saved a girl from a human trafficker (r/pics)
  5. Dad reflex saves 2 children (r/gifs)
  6. Should have been Bernie (r/gifs)
  7. 2.6 terabyte leak of Panamanian shell company data reveals … (r/worldnews)
  8. Don’t forget about this (r/pics)
  9. Due to all the health hazards surrounding Rio Olympics (r/funny)
  10. Leo gets the Oscar! (r/movies)

The most down-voted posts of all time:

  1. EA Ripping people off (r/StarwarsBattlefront)
  2. Perfectly balanced (r/Thanosdidnothingwrong)
  3. Mod abuse (r/roll20
  4. Nipple electricity (r/WTF)
  5. OP literally asked for downvotes..again (r/BikiniBottomTwitter)
  6. OP wanted downvotes (r/me_irl)
  7. Riot member in the middle of riot (r/leagueoflegends)
  8. Defending Trump (r/army)
  9. Angering customers (r/fo76)
  10. Political views (r/IAmA)

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