Six-Figure Success Academy


Launched in June 2018 by Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda, the Six-Figure Success Academy is a six-week training course designed to teach its simplicity of generating high-ticket sales with online courses and webinar marketing. It is a detailed training program that teaches how anyone can start making $250 up to $500 affiliate commission many times a day. The course teaches you how to sell other people's products by using webinars. There is no particular experience of any kind required. Plus, there are no skills of email marketing required or other types of marketing skills needed. Moreover, you don't need to stress about marketing products on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, or Affiliate Marketing.


You can simply join and get enrolled in the six-week training session. You will, therefore, learn how to partner with Ty& Mike's courses and vend their products at a high ticket cost. The process is not complicated as you may be thinking; you will be guided all along. Their training is straightforward, and it will provide you with the necessary skills to achieve your goals with their program.

Once you decide to buy Ty& Mike products, you get enrolled in their six-week training program. You then learn how to partner with them, and you will get the chance to sell their products at high prices.

The SFSA Processes

The SFSA is a 3 step process:

Step #1: You need to find someone who sells something that solves an existing problem; it could be online courses or webinars. The first step is named "FIND A Bob,"

 and there are plenty of them. The name Bob refers to anyone in a community seeking a solution to an existing problem. No need to invent him; he exists already.  After, look up for something that could be a solution to a "Bob" in your community or other desperate people who want to change their present situation. Because they need an answer, they are prepared to pay for it. You can, for example, organize a training session on making money online by doing Yoga training, affiliate marketing, giving up drinking alcohol, etc.

Step #2:Arrange the solution in a way that creates value.

Help them sell more of their course using the Six Figure Success Academy's unique template. You will be given all that you need to succeed, including done-for-you videos and how to virtually guarantee sales. With their software, you will be able to create an online promotional presentation in PowerPoint slides, within minutes.

Step #3: Offer the solution to those people whoneed and are looking for it

 Now, you will start picking up some cash that these people are already willing to pay for a solution. They, too, will have that hunger to register to learn more as you did when you signed up for SFSA. You will get tons of signups, and that will generate you much income. 

The whole secret behind Six Figure Success Academy is that you are marketing different products and services (all belonging to other people), making each day, various amounts of income. But to get there, you need to follow the process as quick as you can, doing the amount of work required. You have to follow the course you are buying once you sign up for the platform.

​SFSA structure

Inside yourplatform's interface, you will find everything organized and pretty straight forward. You get your "Get Started" video, your six-week training, your bonus weeks training, and other resources availed to make your venture more comfortable and more successful. You will also receive a couple of weeks of bonus training and all its regular updates.

Week 1: A Crash Webinar Course in the Six Figure Success Academy Model

Week 2: How to partner with people like "Bob."

Week 3: Craft your "Money Maker," the monetization process

Week 4: Preparing for maximum success (setup of the software & hardware )

Week 5: Generating your Dollars ($250-500$ payments on demand)

Week 6: Optimize and Scale: Know how to fine-tune your products

As you graduate for the course, you will receive a Graduation Bonus. You will, therefore, have access to some resources and fast action bonuses:

  • Resources
  • Does this work? :Case studies. (Fast action bonus #3)
  • Q&A: First Asked Questions

Who is SFSA for?

​Are you a novice or a beginner? Are you an intermediate or a veteran in internet marketing? Don't worry! 6 Figure Success Academy is for you. It applies to those who have little to no experience and to those who are professionals in the field of online marketing.

​Honestly, if you haven't had your break in your online business, and still you are looking for a trusted strategy to scale it up, the SFSA is your place to invest your money.

Nevertheless, if you have been trying to leverage your online revenue vainly, Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda have elaborated on the program that really could clear away your pains. Thanks to them, the tutorial series is presented in an easy way to understand. The classes can be understood by anyone, regardless of their online marketing experience, age, gender, and geographical location. Whether you have or not your own product, you are welcome to run this identified paying opportunity.

Need to know who is Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda?

They are both rock stars when it comes to Internet Marketing. They are experienced in online money making systems. In 2018 June, they founded the Six Figure Success Academy, which got even more success.

Ty Cohen is the founder at Platinum Millenium and Mike Balmaceda at Amplify. Mike worked in IT, but seemingly it was not his call. He desired to become an online entrepreneur.  Priming himself with Instaclient Academy, Ty Cohen has become an internet marketer out of the ordinary. On his journey to the search of his dreams, that is through trials and errors that he finally came across the real way to make online income. You can check his videos on his YouTube channel and his occasional posts on his business Facebook page. Dreaming about becoming online marketers, now they are living their passion through their invention, the Six Figure Success Academy, which they are introducing anyone who shares dreams with them.


Does SFSA ensure his customers with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, of course, to give a guarantee to his clients, TY & COHEN offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with your purchase; this implies that you can test drive the program risk free for 30 full days to make sure the product is a good fit for you.

Do I receive any bonus if I buy the SFSA program?

Absolutely yes! Multiple bonuses to add consistent worth to your purchase are availed to you if you invest in SFSA. You are granted six huge bonuses to help you drive in the business quickly, including profitable niches, webinars, daily cheat sheet, etc. And when you become an affiliate in this program, you get paid $400 for each sale you make.

Did Ty &Mike's program ever get testimonials for successful users?

Great! Anytime you seek to invest in a training program, it is noteworthy to know what comes around with it. Different people have been and are still using this product and have given it positive feedback on the Internet. There are plenty of testimonials. Do not be afraid to invest.

Even though the SFSA is successful for most, your success will only be based on the effort you are ready to invest in the program.

How much does it take me to buy the Six Figure Success Academy?

Ty and Mike have fixed $3,997 as the value to their program. However, for an undetermined period, they are offering a significant discount on the main cost of their training program. The SFSA currently costs only $997 for a onetime payment. Imagine! A deduction of $3,000. And you can start on a 2-time payment plan of $549 just now.

Does Six Figure Success Academy come with any software tools to use?

Something to love about this fantastic Ty & Mike's program is that it takes one of the biggest obstacles to online investors’ success and turns it into a solution with their software, Easy Webinar Creator.

It incredibly makes it easier by creating a webinar that helps you to get started following a step by step complex.

​The Pros and Cons of the SFSA


  1. Completely no-risk method of online marketing;
  2. No experience required;
  3. Ty & Mike’s product is 100% REAL;
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee with proven documentation;
  5. Detailed training;
  6. Many people want to partner with you to make the same gains as you are. As you refer them to SFSA, you will earn commissions;
  7. You no longer rely on one customer base for your ongoing earnings because Six Figure Success Academy helps you to draw extra income from a diversity of streams;
  8. It uses a virtual presentation, the most proven method of prosperous marketing. You, therefore, get the most effective and reliable way to create real profitable sales for many times.


  1. Expensive for beginners;
  2. Unreasonable profit claims;
  3. As for many other online businesses, you will not be going to make millions of money within the first days.  You will need to take time to build your internet marketing up by optimizing and honing your own skills and product. Do not worry; the program shows you how to make it, due to the different Intel it furnishes. Apart from some top videos, templates, checklists, and instruction, you also receive top-notch front line support and mentoring to lead you to attain your marketing success.


In this world of teeming digital marketing, the Six Figure Success Academy offers a rewarding training program that will help you stand out; thus generate more money. Being confident in their courses, the SFSA founders have guaranteed their customers getting back twice their money if they don't make at least 100% of their purchase within the first 30 days.

SFSA will remain "the No-Risk Way to Generate up to $250-$500 Payments multiple times a day!" Try it and be the witness to others. However, you should be ready to put in your efforts and apply the tricks learned in the course to your marketing strategies for efficient results.

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