What Is SmartAsset?

The award-winning company "SmartAsset” was founded in 2011 by Michael Carvin and Philip Camilleri. SmartAsset is a financial technology company with the ultimate goal to provide individuals and businesses the best personal finance advice.

The company helps its users to make the best decisions concerning their finances. SmartAssets offers you empowering tools and advice to show you how much you can afford before making different decisions such as buying a home, purchasing life insurance will affect your financial health. Also, SmartAssets’ qualified financial advisors will help you make the best choices when it comes to taxes, retirement plan, banking, credit cards, refinance, personal loans, and student loans.


SmartAsset Features

SmartAsset gives you access to retirement, investments, home affordability, tax tools for free. You can enter some information like your income, savings and debts and SmartAsset will tell you the maximum price you can afford to buy a house, advise you on taxes, banking, loans and how you can save money. Some of SmartAssets free features include:

​1. Home Buying:

​The Home Buying feature comes with a mortgage and closing costs (settlement amount) calculators which enables you to find outhow much you can afford to purchase a house or choose between renting or buying. SmartAssets will also show you mortgage rates and recommend some lenders services.

Banking: This feature will give you a savings calculator to check how fast your savings will grow, and it will allow you to compare different accounts (checking, savings, CD rates, and money market account) and recommend the best bank account. Also, you will be able to check their partner banks review.

2. Taxes:

​SmartAsset calculators allow you to determine your Income tax, tax return, property tax, Paycheck, and retirement taxes. You will also learn how to file your taxes and get a recommendation about the best tax software.

​​3. Retirement:

​You can use the feature's calculators of retirement, 401k, and Social Security. Additionally, you can take a look at their guiding materials (retirement, financial advisor and estate planning guide), and check their Robo-advisors review (Acorns, Ally Invest, Wealthfront, and Betterment) or find a human advisor.

​4. Credit cards:

​The Credit cards feature will give a full insight of different types of credit cards including best reward credit card, best travel credit card, best Balance Transfer Credit card, and Best Cash Back credit cards. Also, SmartAssets will help you compare the credit cards and choose the best for you. You can also check their Credit card issuers (Chase, Bank of America, Capital One) and select the one that suits your funds and goals.

​5. Investing:

​SmartAsset Investing feature provides its users with multiple calculators such as investment, asset allocation, Capital Gain Tax, and Inflation. It will also allow you to learn about different investment markets (stock market, mutual funds, bonds, and Index Fund) and compare online brokerage firms. Moreover, for people who require human advisors, the feature will give you clarification between a fiduciary and a Certified Financial advisor.

​​6. Life Insurance:

​Life Insurance helps you calculate how much insurance you need and lets you compare quotes from different insurance companies.

​7. Refinance:

​You can use this feature to determine the amount of refinance you qualify for and compare refinance rates from top banks or financial institutions.

​8. Personal and Student loans: ​

​These features will help you calculate your personal and student loans, and compare different banks’ rates.

​​9. Smart Reads:

​SmartReads is a blog with plenty of educational resources with articles, studies, and videos where you can find guidance on many aspects of your financial life.

​10. SmartAdvisors:

​You can upgrade to the company’s SmartAdvisors feature where the company connects potential investors with certified (CFP) and experienced financial advisors.

If you are looking for a suitable financial advisor to help you make right decisions and manage your finances, you can visit SmartAsset website and complete their 20 questions form like your marital and retirement status, do you own a home, do you have children still living with you, your financial planning and goals. Next, SmartAsset financial advisor tool will match your information with three advisors right away. You can check their profiles, talk to them on the phone, or set up meetings in person and choose whom you want to work with. However, hiring an advisor is costly, and sometimes they require accounts minimum; thus, this program is best for high-net-worth individuals with much money to invest.

SmartAsset’s advisors are legit (zero criminal violations) and have valid certification. Based on your shared financial information, your advisor will help you define robust financial goals, improve the quality of your financial decision-making, and tell you where you need to make some cuts and save more. The advisor will also show you how to prepare for retirement, which retirement type suits you (401k, IRA, Roth, and more). For investors, SmartAsset advisor will advise you on which investment to buy or sell, and on investment risks as well. Further, you can discuss with your advisor how much should go in your emergency funds, estate planning, and the best insurance types.

How Do SmartAsset Choose Advisors?

​SmartAssets will connect you with the best advisors who work with the client’s best interest in mind. SmartAsset’s algorithm considers some factors to choose the right advisors, including your location, your life status, your financial goals, your preference of Financial advisors (Human or Robo-advisors), and your advisor specialization.

​​11. Captivate:

​SmartAsset Captivate is somehow the company’s referral service. Captivate’s goal is to extend the company’s reach on the Internet. This feature is very efficient as the company now counts the most viewers compared to other personal finance resources on the Web.

Captivate allows financial advisors to be found and investors to connect with qualified advisors. SmartAsset is the number one lead generator in the financial planner and advisor industry.

If you have a website and want to take part in the program, you will have to embed or implant SmartAsset code and let Captivate scan your content for relevant pages (investment, tax return, retirement plan and more).​

Whenever SmartAsset finds a relevant article, it will automatically add specific tools or calculators within that article. For example, if you have a website treats of investment subjects, Captive will scan the most relevant items and places investing calculators for your audience to use. This method not only benefit SmartAsset itself, but it will also increase traffic to your site, hence increase sales.

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