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Originally named "Picaboo," Snapchat is a messaging app founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown in 2011. Similar to the WhatsApp "Status" feature, Snapchat has a "Stories" feature where users can upload and view videos and pictures for a short time. Even chats are only available for a small amount of time. Snapchat has more than 255 million users around the globe.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices, and in 22 languages.



Snapchat was launched in 2011 by former Stanford University students Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy. Brown presented the idea of disappearing photos and ephemeral messaging app to Spiegel. They then brought the idea to coder Murphy. After a few months of hard labor, they launched the app as "Picaboo" in July 2011; though the app was only available for the iOS system.

After the launch, Reggie Brown left the company. Spiegel and Murphy would officially re-launch the app in September of the same year. By 2012, Snapchat was processing 25 images a second, and users were sending more than 20 million pictures daily. The same year, Snapchat introduced an Android app and a video sharing feature.

In 2013, Snapchat’s users were sending more than 60 million images a day. Also, the platform released Snapchat Micro, an app for Galaxy Gear smartwatches, and introduced the “stories” feature. At the end of the year, Snapchat started letting users replay a snap a day.

In 2014, “Snap-tchas” was introduced to put off spams and boost security. In 2015, Snapchat purchased Vergence Labs for US$15 million and AddLive. Text messaging, video calling features, and collaborative timelines were introduced in the same year as well as a “live” feature to broadcast or follow live events. Snapchat also introduced the push notifications for the stories feature, ads from brands through the “recent updates” feature, and SnapCash, a service to send money between Snapchat’s users.

***** Snapchat Travel Mode *****

In 2015, "Travel Mode" is introduced for traveling people who don't want to use many mobile data. 3D touch ability, slow-motion, fast forward, and rewind video filters are also added to the app. By the end of 2015, Snapchat counted 6 billion video views a day.

In 2016, Snapchat purchased bitmoji company Bitstrips, plus it acquired an ensemble of updates, Chat 2.0. The updates include video and audio notes, video and audio calls, Snapchat stories auto-advance, multi-images sending, and more than 200 stickers. By April of the same year, 10 billion videos were viewed daily.

The platform acquired Obvious Engineering in June 2016. The following month, "Memories," a feature for users to find old content, is introduced. Snapchat purchased Vurb, a mobile search app, for US$110 million. The company officially rebrands itself as Snap Inc., and the platform launched smartglasses called "Spectacles." At the end of the year, Snap purchased advertising and tech company Cimagine Media for than US$30 million.

The following year, the platform introduced "Snap Map," a feature made for sharing the location. The location appears to other users on a map and updates itself when the receiver opens the app. 


In 2013, Reginald Brown, former Stanford student and old friend of Murphy and Spiegel, sued Snapchat claiming the original idea was his. Later, documents of the lawsuit were released confirming that Brown had an essential role in the development of the platform. Snapchat would settle the lawsuit for undisclosed compensation. At the end of the year, 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers were leaked due to a security flaw in the “find friends” feature; Snapchat was hacked by people sending users spam images of smoothies.

In 2014, thousands of Snapchat pictures were leaked due to third-party app SnapSaved. In 2017, a new design of the app caused controversy because of problems when sending snaps and re-watching stories. Users also disliked the newly introduced sponsored content. In 2018, the company lost $1.3 billion in market value following a Kylie Jenner’s tweet criticizing the redesign. The same year, a poll asking: “Would you rather punch Chris Brown or slap Rihanna?” caused fury among users after Rihanna tweeted the snap. She added that the app was inconsiderate to domestic violence and advised fans to boycott and delete Snapchat.

Snapchat Features

Snapchat offers a wide range of cool features, making it a top-rated app among young people:

  • A “Chat” is the instant messaging between 2 users or in groups. The messages get automatically erased after being viewed.
  • A "Snap" is a video or image sent to one or many friends. The video has a limit of 10 seconds. Snaps disappear when all the friends have viewed them. In case the sender has added them to his/her "Story," the snaps will then be deleted after 24 hours. Unopened ones will disappear after 30 days.
  • "Stories" is a feature where users place videos and pictures for their friends to view. "Custom Stories" allow a group of friends to create stories together. “Geofenced Story” is opened to any of the group creator’s friends who are in a specific area. If the user creates a "Group Story," then only some specified users will take part in the snaps.
  • The “Memories” is a camera roll feature that keeps all of the snaps and stories.
  • A “Filter” is a way to animate your snaps by adding special effects. The various filters cover many events and location or holidays.
  • A “Geofilter” is a filter unique to current location.
***** Snapchat Specials *****
  • A "Snapchat Lens" allows the user to add special effects to videos and pictures while taking them.
  • "Snap Map" shows the user and his/her friends' locations.
  • A “Snapcode” is unique QR-code that users scan to add friends or access services and content on the platform.
  • A “Bitmoji” is the icon that represents the user.

The biggest influencers on Snapchat include DJ Khaled (@djkhaled305), Gigi Hadid (@itsgigihadid), Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen), Brittany Furlan (@brittanyfurlan), Kylie Jenner (@kylyzzlmynizzl), Frankie Greek (@WTFRANKIE), Blac Chyna (@BlacChynaLA), Christian Collins (@Weekly-Chris), Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny) and Christine Mi (@Miologie).

How To Make Money From Snapchat?

You can make money from being creative and waking the artist in you. Snapchat is a very wild field where your creativity and hard work might get recognized. It would be best if you were authentic to stand out using the app's various tools, including filters, draw tools, and more. If you commit yourself to make as much money as possible from Snapchat, you will have to post to your Story and post as many times as you can. The Stories, available for 24 hours, are the best way to connect and interact with your followers. You can use the stories to showcase your crafts, your daily activities, by asking your audience about their preferences and needs. It would help if you also tried to create a connection with your followers by messaging and talking to them individually.

Your snapchat account has to be accessible through other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; this will help when promoting your products. Subsequently, to attract more people in discovering your channel, you can become an influencer, speak on popular topics, send uplifting messages to your followers while incorporating your brand or products.

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