​The Commision Hero

In the recent past, the world’s economy has drastically brought remarkable and ongoing changes. The price of goods and services has already been and is increasingly unstoppable. And the matter is that the trend is not the same; people’s salary does not shoot upwards. Their bank accounts have almost remained the same for the past few years. The challenge is to know how to manage this price explosion and the salary stagnation.

Consequently, many people, mainly the middle class, have been left with no other choice to take two jobs to tackle with this recurring need. Thanks to modern technologies, in the last few years, affiliate marketing has become the exit option for those who feel they are not satisfied with their salary-based revenue. As a result of this ever-changing financial situation, Robby Blanchard’s affiliate marketing program explosion comes as a savior in times of striking needs to avoid this harsh economy.


Yet, the bonding question lingers around: is the platform legit? Or is it another kind of scam aiming to rob people hard-earned money? These are serious questions anyone could utmostly ask themselves before they engage in any sort of venture. If you got the chance to read this blog review, you have come across to know about the Commission Hero™, the video-based affiliate marketing guide, and their promises to earn $1000 and more per day. Isn’t that important to keep reading this piece to discover more?

What is “Commission Hero™”?

Initiated by Robby Blanchard, Commission Hero is the number one Clickbank Affiliate program in the world.

The Commission Hero is a video-based affiliate marketing platform to teach its students how to make $1000+ per day with its ultimate three-step system. Their system will teach anyone willing, even if you have zero online experience, how to make money using the power of Facebook ads and Clickbank. You will, therefore:

  • ​Learn how to make substantial affiliate commissions without a product, website, or email list;
  • ​See how individuals with no experience are making tons of money a day with this method;
  • Say goodbye to a 9 to 5 job and start experiencing true freedom with their simple system;
  • The program will teach you the same techniques used by the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

As a student, you will learn through tutorials from Clickbank’s number one affiliate marketer, Robby Blanchard. These tutorials are the best elements you will need to guide through your way into your journey to financial freedom. Its marketing guiding tools hold any tip you may need to generate money through Clickbank and Facebook.

​All about Commission Hero™

Robby Blanchard, the CEO of Blanchard media and creator of The Commission Hero program, has been entitled to be the number one Clickbank affiliate in the world. His mission and vision are to educate his subscribed students on how he attained to what he started out and what it requires to be able to make excellent and satisfactory healthier cash flowthrough commitment and hard work. This course doesn’t ask much out of anyone interested to register than fulfilling only two main conditions:

  • one facebook account and
  • one ClickBank active account.

Both of these accounts are created for free, which leads to understanding that Commission Hero is close to zero investment. Being also based on running ads on Facebook, this program does not require any experience than your motivation to learn with Robby how to generate a healthy income. The focus of this program is trying to teach its subscribed students in a batch of one hundred. The students will learn the necessary skills requiredto generate as much as $1000+ of extra income daily and that with a few clicks. To learn about this game-changing financial opportunity requires zero experience; this is what Clickbank goes on to tell their audience. They also claim that the Commission Hero can support one to earn a six-figure within a month as a member.

​Who is Robby Blanchard?

As said above, Robby Blanchard is known to be the charming and good-tempered CEO of the company, which is at the top of the organization that runs the Commission Hero program. Robby is widely known as the #1 ClickBank Affiliate marketer. He has been able to generate huge revenues and more than one million dollars. He has been a fitness trainer in his past, but this does not affect his career now. That is, his past work experience does not have any significant impact and role in his game-changing financial program.

Robby is instead known for his unparalleled tutorials. He has revealed to earning between $30,000 and $50,000 within a single day. In his videos, you will find out that he is elaborating on sundry mistakes and why you should get rid of them. You never know: in affiliate marketing, even a single error can cost you significant loss. So, it noteworthy to engage in being well equipped with insinuations and guidance from a pro like Robby Blanchard.

​How this program works

Commission Hero program is designed to work with no more or less than a batch of 100 students; this gives the seats much value as people discover the profits of this program and disrupt themselves to enroll in it.

The Commission Hero is a thirty-day training program. It works to confer every subscribed single student to raise their revenue and solve their financial constraints using uncomplicated techniques and solutions piled up and dully studied by Robby Blanchard, the CEO of Blanchard media. They can guide them to surmount their financial hassles and then be the support to their families with passive and healthy income that the Commission Hero program guarantees their participants. Robby’s program allows its subscribers to create a cash machine using the power of Facebook Ads and Clickbank offers.

Moreover, the program does not require any prior experience whatever it is rather than possessing free accounts on Facebook and Clickbank.In fact, Commission Hero uses a nearly done-for-you approach to collecting affiliate commissions that converts Facebook Ads into cash.

​What you get in Commission Hero™

Complete Commission Hero™ System:$3,997 value

Commission Hero offers you everything you need to accumulate tons of dollars in commission. It allows you to fully access to Robby's entire three-step system which guides you through generating huge commission online. You will be earning fast cash by using different videos and done-for-you ads and landing pages.

Full access to the Commission Hero™  private coaching group: $2,997 Value

Complete support from anyone in the private group. You will be able to ask any questions about your concern and get assistance as soon as possible, 24h/7. Share everything you want, such as your gains with the group members, and ask for aid when things get complicated. This group is the backbone of the program. It is a safe space where subscribers help one another in case of need.

Ton dollar ad images: $1,997 Value

Robby Blanchard has also brought in twenty images that made him generate tons of dollars. They are proved to work, and he is offering them at zero cost in this course. Use them to inspire yourself to design more other images to attract more prospects so that you may succeed in the fast track.

Thorough Robby’s Facebook excellent profits training system: $497 Value

This is where you will learn to generate much profit. Find in all the scaling tactics, how to own more ad accounts, how to scale up sales by 25%, credit card sleights of hand, how to order high commissions, etc.

Complete and adequate done-for-you landing pages: $997 Value

Have full access to all Robby's landing pages that he verified effectiveness in generating millions of dollars on Facebook. You will then gain some time and get to success rapidly. Remember: in affiliate marketing, landing pages are essential.  They are the product description pages your prospects will land on before they start making commands.

All these programs have a total value of $10,485.

​How Commission Hero helps you to earn significant returns

  • ​Huge Commissions: Learn how to stimulate topaffiliate commissions from the top Clickbank offers.
  • ​Top Affiliate System: Apply the sameRobby’s affiliate system used to be the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the world.
  • ​Three-step System: This system can psychologically attract prospects to buy your offers. Remember: this technique has been verified to act effectively.

​How much it costs

By now you already acknowledge the Commission Hero program, money might be the only hindrance to subscribe to this system so that you may start to heap up rewards like any other successful affiliate marketer.

At Robby’s Commission Hero program, there are different payment plans. To enroll in this program, you can choose to make a one-lifetime payment of $997. With this plan, you will automatically have complete access to Robby’s all landing pages that he has personally built and utilized to generate millions of dollars through Facebook.By using Robby’s strategy, you gain time and maximize your earnings.

Nevertheless, you can opt to go ahead and cash out $3,997, which covers the full Commission Hero package. You will finally have the complete right to everything that Robby has prepared for the program.

Besides the total package, you can also pay $1,997 for Robby’s million-dollar ad images. With this payment plan, Robby shares a few of his preferred high-end images and sales funnels, which have earned him millions of dollars. Ads images are an integral part of affiliate marketing activity.

Much more, on the top of the $997 package, one can additionally pay $497 and have Facebook’s best profit system. With this sum, Robby offers you scaling tricks and hacks that you often need to achieve more while running your Facebook marketing. You also have another option for live and ad accounts training.

For any plan of your choice, you can rest assured that you will have good results. So, pick a payment option of your choice, one that matches your financial ability.

​Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • ​Commission Hero requires little to zero experience;
  • ​Free Commission Hero training video: learn how Robby generated $1,000+;
  • ​It promises huge income and cash flow opportunity;
  • ​Easy training for both newbies and professionals;
  • ​Twelve-month success guarantee, or  the money-back guarantee;
  • ​Complete one-on-one assistance (24h/7) from a trainer. Robby is usually online whenever you need his support; you can chat with him privately; or else, other members of the group are there for you to refer to them anytime you need help;
  • ​Simple and easily affordable requirements to join the course;
  • ​Experienced mentors who train the students;
  • ​Extra coaching if you judge Robby’s support not enough.

Cons :

  • ​Topics suspicious not to be understood by the general audience;
  • ​Costly: you are required to pay a great deal of money to have full access to everything Robby has prepared for you;
  • Have to keep build ad accounts;
  • Longevity is problematic: to make Commission Hero an excellent deal for you, you will need to continue creating multiple ad accounts.

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