Get the tools, training, resources and community support to help you succeed in the online arena – why serve a business until retirement when you can learn to create a business that serves you!

What is SFM?

Co-founded by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, SFM is an educational platform that teaches individuals around the world how to create and run successful online businesses. The platform offers courses to build your website, online marketing classes (for your product or as an affiliate marketer) and teaches you how to boost sales efforts to generate more income. Their training and tools are designed to help you navigate the world of online business and Internet marketing, and how to earn the most from it.

SFM will teach you how to build your business from scratch, or if you already are a business owner, you will gain more online business skills and start earning more. It provides more than 6000 courses on business, marketing, and design. To access SFM, you will need a computer and a good internet connection. You can also download their app on any mobile device.


SFM is best forexisting business owners, online business novice, people who want to quit their jobs and achieve freedom, work-at-home parents, college students, bloggers looking for opportunities in affiliate marketing, and professionals looking for an extra income. SFM allows its students to learn from experts in the industry.

Briefly, the platform is useful for any individual ready to put in the hard work, follow the process, and put in the necessary efforts to achieve his dreams. As the name of the company states it, its goal is to help students desiring to reach the six-figure income. However, SFM does not sell the get-rich-quick myth. You will need to start their classes with the right mindset of a hard worker and a desire to improve yourself.

Also, with SFM, you will need to pay for the knowledge; the more you learn, the higher the price. Thus, as one of their students, you need to be persistent and ready to make some sacrifices to see the results. On a bright side, SFM enables you to make some money while you learn by promoting their products.

Just like going to school doesn’t guarantee the success unless you give it your best, with SFM you need to put in the efforts, learn everything you need to improve your business and, you will be able to get the results.

How does it work

To register with SFM, all you need is a functioning email address and your name. Afterward, the platform will send you a free seven-day video training. After the seven days, if you want to continue, you will have to purchase the basic membership.

SFM offers a step-by-step training method that will help you take your business onto the next level. The courses come into easy-to-follow modules which are designed to provide clear explanations on each step:

Module  1

​This first module is free, and it constitutes an introduction on what to expect moving forward and what you need to learn to succeed. The “getting started” module includes online selling system, advertising online, websites, list building, providing value, and Why high ticket for your next experience. At this step, you will also learn about other member’s personal experience.

Module 2:

If you want to advance to the next step, you will have to unlock the next paying membership. The second module is about "lifestyle and Business Blueprint." It aims to help students have a retrospective of where they are at the moment and what they want to achieve in the future. The module comprises free live webinars from SFM founders.

You will have to answer questions about how much money you can make, how quickly can you get results, and more. This module is made of live orientation workshops where the founders explain how the results depend entirely on your ability to follow through the goals you set for yourself. They will help you define the vision of your business and set realistic plans. The second module's goal is to help you determine the vision for your future and set up a plan to achieve your goals. 

Module 3:

​The third module covers the "Marketing system." This module is where you will start exploring the strategies to become a successful online business owner. At this stage, SFM will teach various concepts like how to buy and host a domain, how to use email marketing services like Aweber, and how to add your affiliate links.

Module 4:

Module 4 corresponds to "Marketing Foundations." In this module, experts at SFM will give you tools that will help serve you in your business for a lifetime. It offers life-changing tools like installing WordPress, activating Plugins, SEO preparation, adding disclaimers and policies, writing your first post, adding Google analytics, and submitting to search engines.

Module 5:

The last module is all about advertising. It is the part where you get to reveal your product to your customers. The advertising module will help you learn how to promote products using sales funnels, how to sell products and services using your personal experience, and how to market almost any product online.

​These five modules cover the "essential training program." However, when you start generating revenue from SFM training, you can upgrade to the intermediate and advanced programs. With the advanced programs, you will learn how to scale your marketing strategies, how to set up powerful email lists and grow your business further.

​Some of SFM Additional Features are:

  • Lynda Virtual courses: Now called LinkedIn Learning, Lynda is a LinkedIn platform that provides over 6000 courses covering various topics such as leadership, web design, SEO, and more. If you want to access the virtual sessions, you will need to be an SFM essential member and pay an extra fee between $25 and $37.
  • AWAKEUP call is a daily motivational video call. It is somehow a community where members get to hear inspirational topics and share their own experience. The discussed topics often rely on commitment and accountability.
  • ​​JK BlackBox and SR Attraction Marketing are books offered as a bonus from SFM founders. The books are designed to open your eyes to opportunities available in the digital world and take proper action to make the most of them. JK BlackBox, for instance, emphasizes the right mindset of an entrepreneur, how to survive in the business, and write your own story. The SRAttraction Marketing book urges business owners to build a relationship with their audience first, and get to the scale second.
  • Digital Business Lounge: Mostly known as DBL, this feature offers all the necessary tool to build and launch your online business. DBL provides a wide array of services ranging from providing web hosting and landing page tools, to setting up business accounts. DBL also offers free SSL to secure your domain name, tracking tools, graphics creator, and more.DBL Basic membership costs an extra $59/month, and the Pro membership costs $239.


One of the downsides of SFM is their high prices. With SFM, you will have to pay for the resources whenever you want to upgrade to the next program. SFM offers three membership options:

​Essential Membership:

For the price of $97 per month ($270 per year), Essential membership gives all previous benefits plus the access to the rest of the modules and live events (recordings or events held in the Us, UK, and AUS). You will also receive a free DBL membership, weekly training webinars, and access to SFM private Facebook page.

​Elite Membership:

​SFM Elite membership offers additional training and coaching that will help you increase your earning potential. Besides, as an elite member, you will get access to high-ticket affiliate sales meaning higher commissions; you can earn more than $1000 in commissions. To access the elite curriculum, you have to be a member of the essential program and pay a fee of $2500 per year.

​Digital Experts Academy:

After the Elite membership, there is another SFM integrated program named DEA (Digital Experts Academy). DEA members are assigned a mentor to provide them with appropriate and accelerated training programs into creating their brand. Furthermore, SFM offers, through the DEA program, mastery certification programs, recurring webinars, and in-person events from leaders and experts from top marketing companies. What more, the DEA commission structure allows to earn up to $8000 per sale.

There are four levels of the DEA membership:

  • Silver: Silver offers E-learning program for $2500.
  • Gold: It is a year-round digital marketing program and a three-day boot camp for $8000.
  • Platinum: For $11.000 a year, you can get a 3-day training in web design, social media marketing, and branding coaching.
  • Black: Black includes a mastermind retreat with the opportunity to meet with SFM co-founders, all for $20.000.

SFM Affiliate Program

SFM affiliate program is amongst the most lucrative programs ever. Affiliates need to promote the platform’s products/services plus its different membership levels. In exchange, you will be able to earn up to 40% in commissions. However, the SFM affiliate program is not free; you will be charged $29.95 to join.

SFM offers multiple useful tools to their affiliate to get started, including:

  • Done-for-you affiliate links and sales funnels,
  • Automated follow-up plus remarketing campaigns
  • Link generator in addition to custom tracking
  • Sales reporting plus analytics stats.


  • One-on-one mentoring calls from expert consultants.
  • Well-designed training courses.
  • Beneficial affiliate tools
  • Invaluable insights from experts on how to build a successful and sustainable business 


  • The platform is very expensive, and you need to upgrade to the next level to fully take advantage of their resources. For instance, as a member of SFM, at some point, you will have to invest in the DBL and DEA programs too. You will still need to put in the work; apply what you learned from the training, conduct additional researches.

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