​Top 20 affiliate programs for bloggers

Being an affiliate marketer is one of the fastest and effective ways to generate passive income nowadays. Website owners can make money by recommending other businesses’ products and services to their audience. All you have to do is promote another brands’ product by placing a link or an ad in your website content, help the advertising company to increase their traffic, and receive a commission per sale generated from your website.


You can use your platform to recommend some of the products you love to your customers or readers and get paid when your users purchase a product using your referral link. Some affiliate programs offer “Earn Per Click” options where you earn a commission when your customers only click on the link or banner without making a purchase. However, you have to reach a certain number of clicks to earn a commission from the advertising company.

How to Join Affiliate Programs

Whenever you join an affiliate program, you agree with the merchant or advertiser selling the product to pay you a commission for any sales generated from your website. The merchant will then send you a unique link or ads that you will place directly on your website or social media pages like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Whenever one of your audience members purchase a product from the merchant's page using your referral link, you will get a commission on the sale. You can also easily track sales that you generate to keep an eye on your money.

To be an affiliate marketer, you need to have a website or share the affiliate link on social media. However, the last option will only apply if you are a huge influencer and have a consistent number of followers. When you are ready to apply for an affiliate program of your choice, you can choose between self-hosted programs or programs offered through an affiliate network.

Self-hosted programs allow you to apply directly from the advertising company website by filling out a form; while affiliate programs are intermediaries between you (the publisher) and the merchant selling the products. The benefit of affiliate networks is that you can find other affiliate programs in one place. The most popular affiliate networks include Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Cj Affiliate, FlexOffers, ClickBank, eBay Partner Network, and more. You will also need to add a way to receive money, whether it's a PayPal or a bank account. 

How to succeed as an affiliate marketer

To succeed in the affiliate marketing business as a blogger:

  1. You need to promote products that you are familiar with, research your audience’s desire or the hot categories of the moment (Fashion, Web Host, Finance, Fitness, Technology, Food and Health, Interior design, and more).
  2.  Choose programs with higher commission rates and long duration cookies used to track your affiliate sales.
  3. ​ Choose an affiliate network with many merchants that match your niche, enable you to join for free, and with excellent customer service.

Top 20 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers.

Below is a list of the best affiliate programs for bloggers per different category:

Web host:

1. Bluehost: Bluehost is a popular web hosting service. People use BlueHost to set up websites and to purchase domain names. You can promote BlueHost services to your fellow bloggers or individuals planning to create a website of their own. If you sign up for their affiliate program, you will get a commission of $65 per user sign-up and a 45 days' cookie.

2. GoDaddy: GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar. The company also offers web hosting services. GoDaddy is your go-to site if you want to purchase a domain name for your business. You can join GoDaddy’s affiliate program via the CJ Affiliate network and earn a commission of 40% per sale.

3. WP Engine: The WordPress hosting provider is also popular among bloggers and online business owners. WP Engine offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs. You will get paid $200 per sale you generate, and if you get five sales, you will receive a bonus of $100. If you get ten sales, there is an extra $200 for you. Also, WP Engine offers a two-tier program where you earn $50 for referring a sub-affiliate. Moreover, the affiliate program provides 180 days’ cookie duration.

Grammar Checker

4. Grammarly: Grammarly is a spelling a grammar checker website. It is a handy tool that will help you and followers to enhance your English vocabulary and perfect your crafts. Grammarly enables you to earn $0.20 per free registration and $20 when your users subscribe to their premium plan. Their affiliate program also comes with high conversion rates (30%) and a free 90 days cookie duration.


5. NFLShop.com: You can find extensive selections of Licensed NFL apparels and merchandise (t-shirts, jerseys, collectibles) of all 32 teams of the National Football league on this website. You can access the affiliate program through the ShareASale network and earn up to 6% commissions.

6. FanDuel: FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports game. The platform allows you to create your fantasy team and play against other people in private leagues (with your friends) or public leagues (with total strangers from the internet). The teams can be NBA, NFL, NHL or college squads, and you can either play for a day or the entire season, and the winner gets paid real money at the end of the games. As a sport's fans with a desire to play with your friends, you can introduce them to FanDuel and earn commissions between $25 and $35 per sale.

E-commerce and Marketing websites

7. GetResponse: GetResponse is a great email marketing platform. GetResponse offers multiple services to online business owners, including beautiful emails and landing pages, allowing them to engage with customers and increase sells. The platform's affiliate program offers a 33% recurring commission.

8. Shopify: Shopify is an excellent tool for individuals looking to start their online business. Shopify offers web hosting services, helps you build carts, store management, SEO, analytics, and more. You can earn 200% commission per sale from customers subscribed to Shopify monthly plan, or earn up to $2000 for referrals accepted to Shopify Plus.

9. The Six Figure Mentors: This platform offers unique training and mentorship online classes to multiple students from many countries around the globe. The Six Figure Mentors’ platform offers classes on several digital business skills sets, and leadership mindsets that will enable you to succeed as an entrepreneur in the future. The classes are taught by top business leaders preparing you for the world of business and help you avoid common financial errors new entrepreneurs tend to make. The platform's affiliate program is one of the best; you can earn up to $8000 per sale.

10.Proof: Proof software enables business owners to increase conversions. For example, if you download Proof for your website, it will use a pop-up showing people who are subscribing to your service or purchasing your products. These pop-ups are displayed on your website and will motivate unsure customers to buy the product too. The software also offers a good affiliate program where you can earn 40% recurring commissions.

11. SEMRush: SEMRush is a great marketing toolkit. It is beneficial for digital marketing professionals by offering multiple features like SEO, rank tracking, and competitor intelligence. The SEMRush affiliate program offers up to $160 per each referral per month and a ten years cookie length.

12. HubSpot: HubSpot is a marketing and sales automation platform. The platform offers powerful tools that will help entrepreneurs, marketing, and sales teams to generate traffic from organic search; thus, grow their business. HubSpot commission rate can go up to $1000 per referral with a 90 days cookie.

Beauty, Fitness, Food, and Health

13. Organifi: The food supplement company offers whole-food-plant based supplements. Organifi's most popular product is the Green Juice. If you would like to motivate your readers to healthy eating habits, you can introduce them to Organifi; however, they will have to subscribe to the website to enjoy their products. You will get a recurring 30% commission each time your referral purchases a product, and up to $74 per referral per month.

14. Forward: Forward is a technology that will link you to the best doctors who will help you in planning your health and well-being. Forward primary goal is to provide its clients with advanced technology to bring them ultra-personalized health care. With Forward, you can earn $8 per email lead, $80 for tour bookings and $240 per direct sign-up. Forward offers a ten-day cookie duration.

15. Madison Reed: If you have women as number one fans of your blog, you can share with them this beauty related website that focuses on hair treatments and accessories. Their referral program will enable you to earn $10 per referral and a 30-day cookie.


16. CreativeLive: CreativeLive offers online classes on business, DIY, design, and photography. Their affiliate program will allow you to earn between 10 and 25% commissions per sale.

17. Blurb: With a commission of 15% per sale, you can join the Blurb affiliate program and give your customers the ability to reach Blurb services of creating, printing and selling high-quality photo books and ebooks.

18. Cricut: DIY projects are the trend these; hence, it will be a great idea to let your customers know of Cricut and get paid while doing it. Cricut produces smart cutting machines that can help you create projects like home renovations and more. They offer a commission of 12% per sale.

19.Barneys: Barneys offers high quality and high-end home furniture and decor. They also offer extra items like clothing and shoes. Barney provides a 5% commission per sale.

20. PicMonkey: PickMonkey offers photo editing and design tools that will help you turn boring photos into stunning masterpieces. With PicMonkey, earn 30% commission per purchase, 15% for returning customers or renewals, and get a 45-day cookie.


21. Credible: Credible offers to help students find the best loans to finance their studies. The company also helps them to refinance their existing loans for better ones. By referring their services on your website, you get to make $240 per accepted credit and a 45 days cookie duration.

22. Binance: Get paid up to 40% of your referrals’ trading fees with Binance referral program. Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to trade more than a hundred cryptocurrencies.

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